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Rococo series gel nail polish

Rococo gel polish for nail

Rococo gel nail polish, your best choice


Hey, girls. I will share the best gel polish for you. Today I will state the best gel nail polish brand. Oulac gel nail polish brand is the best choice for you because we have a professional team and with high quality products  and it is it’s one of the most affordable gel polish brands. I love OULAC gel polish. So today, I will introduce our new products: Rococo series. We have 7 coffee color and 5 summer color

Rococo, which is beautiful color and suitable for having a rest and drink a coffee. It is matching with the series. It looks so harmony and sweat.

High quality glossy and no odor gel nail polish

This is a charming color and I’m so excited to try the color. it did not disappoint. At the beginning, I am worried about the colors are not suitable for me. But the effect is exceeding my expectations. It is very beautiful and I fond it color is suitable for everyone.

It is worth mentioning that OULAC gel nail polish brand is famous for quality. And you don’t worried about the durability and glossiness. Of course, it is healthy and environmental.

oulac color gel nail polish

gel nail polish brand

coffee beautiful nail art design

 As a result, gel nail polish feature is below:

OULAC gel nail polish  is non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection and other characteristics, which is a symbol of the new Manicure trend, compared with a general gel, its raw materials from natural resin, with non-toxic, health and safety features, compatible with the common advantages of plastic and nail polish, Full color clear, with convenient, instant drying, shiny to maintain more durable.

Are you interesting in the coffee color and the nail art style? Buy now online! Want to see more nail art designs using these colors? Check out our other blog posts! Let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see next!



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special day

Happy Father’s Day

happy father’s day

two days to go, the father’s day are coming. so we make nail art design and UV gel color for your father to celebrate.

People say that Mother’s love is people’s praises for its selflessness. In fact, father’s love is as great as that. They bury their love in the deep bottom of their hearts and will never show it. Faced his love, we accept it silently without saying a word to show our appreciation.Before I was going to senior school, my father had never said a word to show his love to me, so that I thought he did not love me very much and sometimes I was upset about it.

However, I still remember the scene.After the college entrance examination, my father was informed of my College entrance examination scores. It is not a satisfying score for me. And my father was claimed and comfort me. He is so sad, wasn’t didn’t show it at face.At that time, he was try him best to find the best school for me. I realized my mistake until that time. In my childhood, i always ignore that Everything my father has paid for me. But i never take notice of what he do. In fact, father who is one of person to take care of us.

So now we Today I have a super fun tape manicure to show you. It’s really easy, but looks super fancy. Plus, it works great with UV gel color gel and nails art design. Score! To celebrate the father’s day, we draw the nail art design for you especially.

uv color gel

the nail art design of father’s day

Father’s Day is a special day for everyone! We use this day to honor our fathers all over the world! We celebrate this holiday on the third Sunday in June.

uv gel color

best gel nail polish manufacturer

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Summer collection

summer color gel collection


the summer color collection

In the hot summer, I think you are lack some enthusiasm and feel weary so much. So now, in order to cheer you up, we share some summer color to you. The style, which makes us full of energy and power.

summer color


flowers, the plant which is full of vitality and blossom energy, that will have a unique style so when the nail under the fresh flowers. of course, green and red color gel is suitable for you in this summer.  it is elegant and temperament

gorgeous color

However, we always yearn for the freedom, yearn for the unrestrained life. And we always say that the sky is so big, it must tolerate all your grievances, so when we have trouble we always look up at the sky

oulac brand high-quality blue sky color gel

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Nail Art Tutorial

how to apply the builder gel

how to apply the builder gel

builder gel


builder gel


As we all know, more and more people are likely to build the nail with builder gel. It is convenient to draw any pattern and any shape. So it becomes a popular trend in the beauty industry. Have you ever apply the builder gel? If you not, we will teach you how to apply it. Builder gel, which has clear gel

and color builder gel. And do you know what the characteristic of builder gel? It is so amazing. It can builder without any pain, good liquidity and easily to build a shape of your nail.

So how to apply it?

It is so easy and removes.

At the outset, Use the cleanser to wipe the nail.

Secondly, File the nail smooth and keep it clean and dry.

after that, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC base coat, then cured in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

Next, use the paper tray to hold the gel and the paper tray will be along the line and fit on your nail with paper tray.

then, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC color, 30scuring the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

lastly, Brush one more layer color, curing in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

finally, Brush a layer top coat, curing in 60 s by LED lamp or 120s by UV lamp.

How to Remove the high-quality Builder Gel Polish? 

1: firstly, Gently file the surface of the gel polish to break the seal and remove the shine
2: secondly, Place cotton wool saturated with remover over the nail.
3: thirdly, Wrap up for 10 minutes time,  then remove with a wood stick.
4: fourthly, Use a buffer to lightly buff surface of the nail.
5:  Finally, Apply hand and nail Nourish cuticle oil.


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Best way to strengthen nails

Keep a healthy nail, it is suitable for beautiful girl

I think all beautiful girl are dream about a healthy nail as a gel polish fancier. But how to strengthen nails? here are some suggestion and reason.

Healthy, strong nails are the best base for a perfect coat of polish. There are numerous reasons why you may find yourself looking for ways to strengthen your nails. Perhaps your nails are brittle, dry and prone to splitting. Maybe they’re soft and break easily, leaving them looking unpleasant. Whatever the concern, there are plenty of ways to go about strengthening weak nails. There’s a lot of techniques to strengthen nails naturally. Keep reading to get your nails in tip top shape.

The reason why is become a weakness nail

Water exposure
Water is absorbed into the nails from bathing and washing hands. It’s pretty hard to go about your day without coming into contact with water at one point or another. If you do a lot of housework or work in a job that requires washing your hands regularly, chances are you’re absorbing tons of water that could be causing your nails to soften and dry out.

Additionally, very hot water can be especially problematic as it can break down your nails elasticity. Try to avoid washing hands in hot water, and steer clear of ultra hot showers. This is not only bad for your nails, it’s bad for your skin.

Nails need to adjust to frequent weather changes and this can often be the cause of weak nails due to the strain put on them. Winter time is often the worst culprit for bad nails and cuticles.

Trauma to nails
Biting will create ragged nails that are prone to other damage. Keeping nails short is one way to prevent this urge. Another terrible thing to do is use your nails as tools for activities like scraping, peeling, or prying things open. This, of course, causes splitting and breakage.

Best way to strengthen nails

strengthen nails

Learning how to strengthen nails naturally doesn’t have to be difficult at all. There are so many easy ways to create an overall better environment for your nails to grow strong in.

There are supplements that can be taken in order to improve nail health. One of the most important ones for improving and strengthening nails is biotin. Some other vitamins for strong nails are vitamin A, C, D, E, B Vitamins, folic acid, zinc, iron, and calcium.

not only work to restore the skin that protects your nails, but they make your nails healthier as well. Keeping your cuticles protected will make your nails less prone to damage from bacteria. Moisturize your cuticles and push them back rather than cutting.

Keep your nails shorter to minimize the amount of area that can be damaged. If you don’t want to keep them short, trim them regularly. Trimming a bit as they grow will eliminate jagged, rough edges and prevent breaking or further damage. If you do decide to go short, don’t clip them too close to the finger. This can cause hangnails and infections. Leave a little bit of white top and file in one direction so that they are smooth, and won’t snag.

Use gloves to keep hands protected from damaging chemicals while doing housework and other jobs where your hands may be exposed to not so human-friendly materials.


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Apply a simple and noble design for you nail

How to apply a simple nail art design

French nail art design

a beautiful and noble nail art design

according to what I’m informed, what is a lot of women are likely to apply the French nail art design, apply especial a simple style. So we applied a simple nail art design for everybody. In the hot summer, we always want to have a beautiful nail but no less noble and go to the outside. That it is important to apply a simple nail art design, which is the French nail art design. And it is easy to apply and keep 3-4 weeks.

French nail art design

color chart of French nail art design

How to apply the French nail art design?

Step 1: Use GLK NO.504 to apply a layer of oulac base gel. Curing by led lamp for 60 seconds,uv lamp 120 seconds.

Step 2: use the GLK NO.504 to apply the second base color. Curing by led lamp 60 seconds, uv lamp 120 seconds.

Step 3: use the french series NO.404 to apply the edge of french style. Curing by led lamp 60 seconds, uv lamp 120 seconds.

Step 4: use the painting gel NO.1 to draw the line of your nail tip. Curing by led lamp for 60 seconds. Uv lamp for 120 seconds.

Step 5: finish with oulac top coat. Curing by led lamp for 60 seconds, uv lamp for 120 seconds.

How to Remove OULAC GLK Gel Polish? 

1: Gently file the surface of the gel polish to break the seal and remove the shine
2: Place cotton wool saturated with remover over the nail.
3: Wrap up for 10 minutes then remove gel with a wood stick.
4: Use a buffer to lightly buff surface of the nail.
5: Apply hand and nail nourish cuticle oil.

to read more about the tutorial about the French nail art design, please click on the link below.



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Carving gel

how to apply the 4D carving gel

How to apply the 4D carving gel

with the development of oulac brand, we have produced all kinds of gel nail polish, especially function gel is so popular. such as 4D carving gel. it is high charming and has amazing effect after you draw. as a result, I think you are curious the quality of oulac products.

The Quality Of  4D Carving Gel

it is quality with  GMP, MSDS, SGS CPNP Certification and so on

here below is the features of Nail UV Gel OUL’ΛC:1.To begin with, there are classics colors, Bright and plump colors; unadulterated color and luster

1.To begin with, there are classics colors, Bright and plump colors; unadulterated color and luster

2.first of all, it is Easy to apply, soak off, Nice smooth; best soft brush, apply evenly and smoothly.

3.secondly, it is  Highly adhesive and Lasting at least 4 weeks time on nail

4.thirdly, with Ideal hardness; No nicks and no chips

5.besides, no harm, no poison no odor gravid and children are available to use

6.forthermore, it is  shiny surface and Always be shining

7.of course, it also easy to cure by UV lamp or led lamp

8. what’s more, it is green and environmental protection and edible water-soluble resin

9. in addition, it is free formula without Formaldehyde and Toluene or Phthalate (DBP)

10.Finally, there are natural pigments and healthy without harm

4D carving gel

the magical gel nail polish, it can carve any pattern what you like

What is the application of OUL’ΛC 4D Carving Gel Polish

Firstly, Use the cleanser to wipe the nail and file the nail smooth and keep it clean and dry.

Secondly, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC base coat, then cured in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

Thirdly, take out of a piece of 4D carving gel by nail art pen. then stick on the nail.

Next, make the shape in need with nail art pen.

In addition, curing the 4D carving gel after confirmed the shape.

finally, finish with the top coat and cured in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

if you want to read more the tutorial, please click here.


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peel off gel

oulac gel polish, which is easy to apply and peel it off

The fashion trend-peel off gel nail polish

As a fashion insider, I think you have tried more nail art style. But have you ever apply the peel off gel nail polish before? If you not,  you can try it now. The gel nail polish which is made from resin. It is high quality and no harm for your body. In addition, it is so easy to remove, you don’t worry about how to peel off it at home.

As a result, according to my simple introduce, I think you can’t wait to know the characteristic of peel off the gel. The feature as follow.

peel off gel nail polish

good quality high charming peel off gel polish

Peel off gel polish, which is removed in seconds. It is easy to remove by simply peel it off the nail when it’s time. Removes in one piece by a tear from the corner of the free edge. Requires no soaking in gel polish remover.

Up to 10 days wear: wear time is up to 10 days, depending on natural nail conditions and personal lifestyle.

Peel off gel nail polish vs ordinary gel polish

It is easy to remove by simply peel it off the nail when it’s time. And needn’t use any remover to remove it. Just put your hands in the warm water(50-60℃) for 20-30 seconds. It is so easy, right?

However, the ordinary gel nail polish has to use the remover to remove it.

How to apply the peel off gel nail polish.

At the first time, disinfect your hands with alcohol

Then, buffer the nail

Next, clean the surface of nail

Thirdly, apply a layer of OULAC Base Coat. (curing by led lamp 30 seconds)

Fourthly, apply a layer of peel-off color gel. And apply the second layer of peel-off color gel. (curing by led lamp 30 seconds)

Finally, finish with a layer of OULAC Top Coat (curing by led lamp 30 seconds)

How to remove it

Firstly, put your nails in the warm water(50-60℃) for 20-30 seconds.

Secondly, use tissue to dry the water of nail

Thirdly, use the cuticle pusher to front and edge of your nails

Fourthly, tear the color from a corner peeling it slowly

Finally, clean your nails

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OULAC team

OULAC Nail China team established

In 13th, May 2017, there the OULAC Nail China team is officially established.

OULAC Nail China team, every member of the team shouted out the statement. It is hot-blooded!

Also stamped the fingerprints on the statement!

We are ready for OULAC, and we will do our best for OULAC China, come on!


OULAC is a nail gel polish brand, which conveys our mission of bringing trendy colors, and achieving the fashion of women.

Meet OUL’ΛC, Meet the color of good luckoulac nailoulac nailoulac nail

The Features of OUL’ΛC Nail Gel Polish :

1, Skin-friendly

the materials used are organic. so the gel nails are healthy and safe.

selected materials that function and safety both qualified.

2, protecting nails for a long time

Long lasting for more than 2 weeks time, durable protection, perfect shiny and perfect coating. Manufacturing with strict global experts level production standards, with continuous science practices, testings, and inspections, to make sure every product of OUL’ΛC are same stability, safety and effective.

3, fashion Colours

Bring the most fashionable colors with the most competitive price to every woman’s life.

That’s our mission: bringing trendy colors, and achieving the fashion of women.

Meet OUL’ΛC, Meet the color of good luck


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special day

You raise me up, I accompany you to be old

You raise me up, I accompany you to be old

the nail art design of the mother’s day

The world there is a most beautiful voice, and that is the call of the mother. As a child, she often urges again and again: don’t catch a cold, take care of yourself. Eat more, don’t hungry. She gets up early in the morning and completes her household work. She cooks delicious food for us. And if you are in trouble, there will be a voice in your ear: I’m here, don’t be sad.

In addition, She is my first teacher. not only She teaches me to always be in discipline, but also behave in good manners. She is the one who spends her sleepless nights during my sickness and other bad days. She happily involves in my happy moments and understands my likes and dislikes. I can express me any feeling and share whatever I have in my mind with her.So in my opinion, I think all the world of glory and pride of our mother. She is the most important in our life.

As a result, tomorrow is mother’s day. We should prepare some gift to give our mother. Motherly love is the greatest force in the world. So, in a special holiday, we should try our best to give what presents for our mother. And giving a special gift to my mother. However, oulac GLK professional soak off UV gel polish is a good idea for you. Making up your mother and make your mother become more fashion and younger than before.

why choose macron professional soak off UV gel nail polish?

After careful preparation of our team, we have chosen the best color gel for our mother. It is suitable for the age of our mother. In addition, our products which are no harm, no odor and healthy. It does not harm your mother health absolutely. That will be your best choice.

professional soak off uv gel nail polish

make up your tip nail with the enthusiastic color gel

Q1.Why should you choose OUL’AC ?

A1:1.We are professional gel nail polish manufacturer under strict conditions. And we are engaged in nail products industry for 6 years. The factory covers an area of 7100 square meters, over 200 workers. We have a complete production line and rich product category.

2.Hundreds of distribution partners around the world.
3.European and Russian safety standards approved.
4.High quality and competitive price.
5.Get a lot of certification such as MSDS, SGS, GMP, CPNP, INTERTEK
6.We can supply pure fundamental gel for your own color making.
7.We support OEM and ODM. We can design posters,  product image, product information… for you according to your brand or what you want!

8.A variety of transportation for you.

9.The most important thing is that we could promise that we will provide the premium pre-sales and after-sales services for you.

Q2: How many colors do you have?

A2: More than 1000 colors. And, we could make any colors that you provide.

Q3: Can I have a discount?

A3: Of course! More quantities you order, more discounts you will get!

Q4: How to make an order?

how to make order