Blossom gel

Blossom Gel: The Soul Story. Blossom Collection of OUL’ΛC nail gel polish

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The Soul Story. Blossom Collection of OUL’ΛC nail gel polish

Blossom gel inspiration source: In this fickle world of colors, be tired of pastel, neon and reds, Looking for a revolution of nail art, and researching for a color to express the soul inside.   Now it comes the Soul Story. Blossom Collection, therefore let’s start enjoying the story of soul.

Soul, a place to settle my spirit, blossom in my heart, and listen to the life’s melody.

Soul Story blossoms on fingernails, like the temper at present time, slowly blooming, and lasting ….

blossom gel

Blossom in Soul, more natural and charming!  

Dreaming that I could be an artistic often, but it never comes true. It’s even more fancy and never expected too much on being a nail art creator. Unless one day, meeting with this blossom gel, then start discovering myself…

Artistic dying, stone veins, ombre, fantasy illusions, abstraction paintings… Those regard as complicated nail arts before, can be easily created with this collection, even by ordinary person who is without professional skills.

Amazing and unlimited, endless and creative

1, Blossom Collection is one break through technology. in additional with only one product, artistic paintings and creations can be completed. 11 blossom colors are blooming in the white based gel, arts creation becomes so easy.

2, Artistic dying, stone vein, ombre, fantasy, abstraction… Those complicated nail arts before, can be easily created with this collection, even by ordinary person without professional skills. The birth of blossom collection, discovered the unlimited usage of color gels, with endless creation.

3, The birth of this break through technology, it is beyond all the other acrylics, stone gels, etc. One collection, makes it so easy to create thousands of nail arts.

blossom gel video

amazing easy video

Blossom Gel Colours: The Soul Story. Blossom Collection

1, Breeze & Sunshine – Coral Orange

Walking in breeze, it is sunshine and with colorful clouds.

2, Fragrance & Shadow – Plum Flowers

Scarce shadows are above the water, hidden fragrance is in the nightfall with moon.

3, wanna the dress – Rose Red

Clouds want a colorful dress, flowers want a bright blusher.

4, romantic affairs — lavender blushed

how about to have some romantic affairs together?

5, Sands & Smokes — grape purple

In city with sands and smokes, he comes with wind

6, cloudy & sun —  ink black

Committed, the cloudy are ink and grey, but it appears a particular beauty when with sun there.

7, Mirage – sapphire

If you agree, even the mirages in whole life, I will be accompanying.

8, Valley Orchid  — Blue Orchid

There was building full with songs and music all day. There is beauty genius with gorgeous and attractions every moment.

9, Melbourne Sunny — eternal green

heaven is nothing when compared with a smile of you.

10, spring comes — greenery

Raining and sunny days, water is swaying, the ship is floating.

11, Flying sands — Splendid Gold

Elegance is gold sands between fingers, splendid is the time we were together.

12, maple & dewdrop — purity white

I would like to use my twice lifetime to replace a moment with you,


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