Nail Art Tutorial

how to apply the builder gel

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how to apply the builder gel

builder gel


builder gel


As we all know, more and more people are likely to build the nail with builder gel. It is convenient to draw any pattern and any shape. So it becomes a popular trend in the beauty industry. Have you ever apply the builder gel? If you not, we will teach you how to apply it. Builder gel, which has clear gel

and color builder gel. And do you know what the characteristic of builder gel? It is so amazing. It can builder without any pain, good liquidity and easily to build a shape of your nail.

So how to apply it?

It is so easy and removes.

At the outset, Use the cleanser to wipe the nail.

Secondly, File the nail smooth and keep it clean and dry.

after that, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC base coat, then cured in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

Next, use the paper tray to hold the gel and the paper tray will be along the line and fit on your nail with paper tray.

then, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC color, 30scuring the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

lastly, Brush one more layer color, curing in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

finally, Brush a layer top coat, curing in 60 s by LED lamp or 120s by UV lamp.

How to Remove the high-quality Builder Gel Polish? 

1: firstly, Gently file the surface of the gel polish to break the seal and remove the shine
2: secondly, Place cotton wool saturated with remover over the nail.
3: thirdly, Wrap up for 10 minutes time,  then remove with a wood stick.
4: fourthly, Use a buffer to lightly buff surface of the nail.
5:  Finally, Apply hand and nail Nourish cuticle oil.


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