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Best way to strengthen nails

Keep a healthy nail, it is suitable for beautiful girl

I think all beautiful girl are dream about a healthy nail as a gel polish fancier. But how to strengthen nails? here are some suggestion and reason.

Healthy, strong nails are the best base for a perfect coat of polish. There are numerous reasons why you may find yourself looking for ways to strengthen your nails. Perhaps your nails are brittle, dry and prone to splitting. Maybe they’re soft and break easily, leaving them looking unpleasant. Whatever the concern, there are plenty of ways to go about strengthening weak nails. There’s a lot of techniques to strengthen nails naturally. Keep reading to get your nails in tip top shape.

The reason why is become a weakness nail

Water exposure
Water is absorbed into the nails from bathing and washing hands. It’s pretty hard to go about your day without coming into contact with water at one point or another. If you do a lot of housework or work in a job that requires washing your hands regularly, chances are you’re absorbing tons of water that could be causing your nails to soften and dry out.

Additionally, very hot water can be especially problematic as it can break down your nails elasticity. Try to avoid washing hands in hot water, and steer clear of ultra hot showers. This is not only bad for your nails, it’s bad for your skin.

Nails need to adjust to frequent weather changes and this can often be the cause of weak nails due to the strain put on them. Winter time is often the worst culprit for bad nails and cuticles.

Trauma to nails
Biting will create ragged nails that are prone to other damage. Keeping nails short is one way to prevent this urge. Another terrible thing to do is use your nails as tools for activities like scraping, peeling, or prying things open. This, of course, causes splitting and breakage.

Best way to strengthen nails

strengthen nails

Learning how to strengthen nails naturally doesn’t have to be difficult at all. There are so many easy ways to create an overall better environment for your nails to grow strong in.

There are supplements that can be taken in order to improve nail health. One of the most important ones for improving and strengthening nails is biotin. Some other vitamins for strong nails are vitamin A, C, D, E, B Vitamins, folic acid, zinc, iron, and calcium.

not only work to restore the skin that protects your nails, but they make your nails healthier as well. Keeping your cuticles protected will make your nails less prone to damage from bacteria. Moisturize your cuticles and push them back rather than cutting.

Keep your nails shorter to minimize the amount of area that can be damaged. If you don’t want to keep them short, trim them regularly. Trimming a bit as they grow will eliminate jagged, rough edges and prevent breaking or further damage. If you do decide to go short, don’t clip them too close to the finger. This can cause hangnails and infections. Leave a little bit of white top and file in one direction so that they are smooth, and won’t snag.

Use gloves to keep hands protected from damaging chemicals while doing housework and other jobs where your hands may be exposed to not so human-friendly materials.


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make up your nail tip,be a confident girl.

Makeup your nail tip. French series is the best choice.

Would you like to buy an ice-cream in a hot summer? It is so cool when you are in a hot condition. Just as the summer breeze blowing over your face.

Thus, today we have prepared a nail art design style about the Vanilla ice-cream. We also can makeup our nail tip.

So let’s talk about the method of gel polish nail art design.

At the beginning, use the nude color as a base coat. Curing led lamp for 1 min. Then apply the second color gel. Curing by led lamp for 1min.

gel polish

simple and fresh nude color

At the meantime, we use the GLK series to draw the little flowers with the GLK 567. then use the brown color to draw a part of flowers. And how to draw beautiful flowers? It is so easy. Firstly, we should paint a circle to confirm the line of flowers. Then use the paint pen to draw a picture of V

beautiful concise and cute french nail art design

Then use the GLK 547 to draw a pattern of flowers. The pink color is so cute, right? And now the thing you need to do, that repeats the step again.

Next, after painting the flowers, then use the painting gel to draw flowers core and diameter

high-quality charming style gel nail polish

Finally, finish with oulac top coat. The Vanilla ice-cream nail art design is appearing perfectly.

the perfect effect after apply the gel polish, french nail art design

So have you worried about which nail art design is suitable for you. And what is the best choice in this summer?

There is no doubt that oulac gel polish is tailor for you. Only you. Don’t hesitate, applying it on your nail, makeup your nail and become a beautiful girl.  Come on, baby.

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ideas for wedding nail Best ideas bride nail and bridesmaids nails about wedding nail art

Wedding nail fashion

Wedding nail, What’s the perfect excuse to finally wear some of that pretty nail art you’re always lusting over? You guessed it: wedding.

If you’re also a fan of this idea, check out the ideas on nails manicures follow on. It’s for bride as well as bridesmaids.

Firstly, BRIDE wedding NAILS

  • Bride is the most important one in the wedding, and the nails for bride is also most important. It won’t be anything wrong. The french manicure is ideal for the bride. French manicure is the most traditional, and it is with more sense of ceremony.

Secondly, BRIDESMAIDS wedding NAILS

  • The average wedding has between 2 and 6 bridesmaids. and bridesmaids are usually need to have almost same nails in length, shape, or color. Here are some of the most popular wedding fingernail colors for bridesmaids

1,  Apply a color of the bridesmaids’ dresses is a good idea. It’s just like telling everyone loudly “I am the bridesmaid!”.

2, Also there is another option, apply a color hue in the wedding color scheme

  • But the surest way that we want to have something different from the other bridesmaids. That’s why communication with the bride and the other bridesmaids is so critical to looking the part on the wedding day.And here are some nail ideas for being different:
  • 1, add some flowers or stickers
  • 2, add some glitters or crystals

Wedding inspired nails

1, French manicure, most traditional nail art, just be simple traditional or with some more  modern designs are both very beautiful.

Wedding nail

2, Other, By adding some diamonds, rhinestone, stickers are all very cleaver. It is makes makes nails be different and outstanding.

Wedding nail

more nail colors, link to oulac website

 Wedding Color scheme

  1.  white, The color mostly be seen in a wedding, it is always white.

    Wedding nail

  2.  champagne, A color for celebrating
  3.  blue


  5. Wedding nail 
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The Feature of Nail Polish Gel and Difference from Normal Nail Polish

Nail Polish Gel

The packaging of nail polish gel is similar as traditional nail polish, both are with brush for direct application. But because of the gel is cured by light, so the polish gel bottles are requested to be coated to prevent from light.

The polish gel is non-toxic, no odor, environmental. And it is with gloss of gel and color of polish. Therefore, it is the fashion nail trendy lately.

Compared with normal polish gel, OUL’ΛC brand polish gel is sourced from natural resin, it is environmental and non-toxic, skin-friendly and safe for use. Combined with advantages of gel and polish, good coverage of colors, proper viscosity of easy application, instant curing by UV /led light, long time lasting and super gloss, it is the most fashion nail star. And the quality polish gel can be easily removed by normal polish removal.

Because of the polish gel feature, it is more durable, easier to apply, more creative than normal polish. What’s more, the gel cured in only about 1 minute, we can use our nails instantly. We never need to hold nails there and waiting for it dry slowly, and that’s horrible thing nails has to be done again if it is touched by accident. Now we don’t need to worry about it with OUL’ΛC polish gel.

Feature of OULAC polish gel.

Appearance: Viscous liquid

Odor: No

Viscosity: Proper

Curing Time: in 1 minute

Durable: without chips or nicks in two week time; without layers or color changes

Testing Standard: totally cured after curing by LED in 1 minut or UV in 2 minuts, no yellow, no wrinkles, no color difference, no odor, with shiny finish.


Firstly, prep nails on cuticle and dust.

Secondly, apply a thin layer of base coat, curing 30 seconds by led light.

Thirdly, apply a coat of color, curing 60 seconds by led light, and repeat this step one more time in order to have a good coverage of color.

Fourthly, apply a coat of top coat, curing 60 seconds by led light. Wipe nails with cleanser.



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Hybrid Gel: Long Lasting Easy Application Nail Revolution

Hybrid gel, What are they?

Hybrid gel, I bet you are wondering that. There are lots of explain on hybrid nails but never fully clearly on it.

OUL’ΛC gel is also a hybrid gel.

The feature of hybrid gels: Made by hybrid materials with multi-function.

In fact, it is not a particular name to a particular product.

This is not a big secret. But the main difference between different hybrid gels is what the materials used.

Hybrid gel, how to define if it is a good one?

Most gel systems on the market are acrylic based and cannot be removed without damaging the natural nail.

Selected from the good effect and organic safety materials, it will make sure a skin-friendly product.

The materials used in OULAC gel: Urethane acrylate oligomer, hydroxyethyl methacrylate, hydroxyclohexyl phenyl ketone, phenybis, etc.

That’s the main difference being that OULAC gel will not cause any damage to the natural nails.

Another difference of OULAC system compared to others on the market is that there is no need for primers or dehydrators in order for the gel to adhere to the natural nail.

The OULAC hybrid gel polish formulas are somewhere between nail polish and Sculpture Gel. They last a lot longer than regular nail polish, but are not nearly as long-lasting as Sculpture Gel.

At OULAC we are very proud of our unique and gentle formulation that see clients maintaining healthy nails whilst still being able to wear a nail enhancement or non chip manicure.

 hybrid gel

We can also provide gel builder, for those looking to lengthen the nails, problem nails and repair broken nails, offer unique nail art and add strength to nails, which hybrid nail polishes are not able to offer as yet.

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It’s time to think about toes colors match, While wishing to have Pairs of Shoes for Warmer Weather

Toes Colors match with shoes wish for warmer weather.

It’s time to think about toes colors match, While wishing to have Pairs of Shoes for Warmer Weather.

Toes Colors

Hot pop pink, greenery, always red, black, silver, nude, baby pink, glitters, tan, yellow, turquoise, camellia.

12 toes colors, match well with the top six shoe trends of the season: PRINCESS SATIN,NEXT-LEVEL BLOCK HEELS,KITSCHY DETAILS, FANCY FLATS,LOW-KEY STATEMENTS, and LOGO POOL SLIDES

Toes Colors

So long snow boots, hello sandals! Spring has officially arrived and we’re ready to stash the closed-toe options we’ve been wearing for the last few months in favor of something a little lighter.

It’s time to think about colors arts on toes, While wishing to have Pairs of Shoes.

Color toes and going outside, breath the fresh air.


more fashion colors, please click and view

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how is oulac nail gel?

oulac is a nail gel polish brand, which is registed in US, Euro, Asia, and so on.

It provide so many popular colors and trendy fashion colors from time to time.

once used an oulac gel polish, we wants more colors from it as soon as possible.

the application experience is so good. what’s more, the finish look and lasting time are incredible good.

The Features of OUL’ΛC Nail Gel Polish :

1, Skin-friendly

Use the advanced skin-friendly technology, improve the organic materials of nail gels, help nails be health and safe.

2, protecting nails for long time

Long lasting for more than 2 weeks time, durable protection, perfect shiny and perfect coating

3, fashion Colours

Bring the most fashionable colours with most competitive price to every woman’s life. Trendy and in time.

4, easy removing

Easy removing with health, achieve demands for different colours from time to time.



Completely scientific assessments about materials and data by international experts team, selected materials that function and safety both qualified , adopting advanced extraction technology from Japen, France and some other European countries, achieved every OUL’ΛC products details is perfect quality.


Manufacturing with strict global experts level production standards, with continuous science practices, testings and inspections, to make sure every product of OUL’ΛC are same stability, safety and effective.


OUL’ΛC extracts from plants, based on recently researching achievements, completed with safety assessments, also analyzed with chemistry, toxicity, hazardous, etc., strictly on quality standards, to make sure products are safe.


We promise, we will provide good after-sale services in order to protect customers benefits. We will do professional training system for every employees , and responsible for every customers who purchased OUL’ΛC, to achieve a pleasure purchase for all buyers.


We will be happy to know feedback from customers, improving continuous, working for better services, building OUL’ΛC the global number one nail brand.

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Which brand of gel nail polish is the best? And is it really the best thing for you?

Which brand of gel nail polish is the best? And is it really the best thing for you?

brand gel nail polish comes, girls who can’t keep a manicure for longer than 4 days, therefore really excited about gel with its promise of no-chipping for two weeks!

Since then, We’ve been gel junkies and tried all the brands with a couple different girls at nail salons. After tried more and more different brands,

What We’ve found is that it’s not the brand of polish that matters, but who tends to your cuticles and how they apply the polish.

Your cuticles must be pushed and cut back as far as possible.  When they grow back to the edge of the polish, they push against it, causing the polish to peel up.  Also, if the polish is applied over your cuticles, your mani doesn’t stand a chance.  So you’ve got to run the gamut of estheticians before you find the right one.  Then choose your polish on color not brand.

Wait, there’s more.

brand gel nail polish so many tried, but is it really the best thing for you?

After getting a few gel manicures we started to think, “this is good for my nails?”  Kind of like the hair extensions that made my hair thick and beautiful…until I took them out.  In a gel manicure, they buff off the enamel of the nail, apply chemicals to replace it.  Ugh. Differnt brands gel poishes are using difference chemicals.  And It seems the one we need to look out for is BHA,  butylated hydroxyanisol, which is a “cancer-causing agent.”

Thank to god, while we researching the chemicals for OULAC, BHA and other harzed materials are not included.

Selected materials that function and safety both qualified , adopting advanced extraction technology from Japen, France and some other European countries, achieved every OUL’ΛC products details is perfect quality.

OUL’ΛC extracts from plants, based on recently researching achievements, completed with safety assessments, also analyzed with chemistry, toxicity, hazardous, etc., strictly on quality standards, to make sure products are safe.

brand gel nail polish

testing report HD image

brand gel nail polish

health materials HD image

view more about health for nails 

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Top Coat: the Difference among normal one, no wipe top and matte top

Top Coat: the Difference among normal one, no wipe top and matte top

Top coat, it is most usually used, and refers to the one which is sticky after curing, and shiny after cleanser wipes.

While there are also other kinds of tops becomes very popular now, they are no wipe top and matte top.

No wipe top is also called non wipe top, which is super shiny immediately after curing, with dry surface without sticky layer and doesn’t require for cleanser wipe, that’s why it is called no wipe top.

Matte top  is also called frosted top, velvet top or frozen top, it is special for the matte finish instead of normal shiny one. It provides a low-key luxury, and being widely popular. Such as the lipsticks with shiny one and matte one.

We are often being asked which top coat is better quality?

This is a question without yes or no answer. Every tops has its own characters, it’s not about quality bad or no, but about what matters most to the particular user.

So which are the difference?

Top Coat Different Chart

The reason for choose The Difference on Lasting The Different on Removal
Top Coat Normal shiny finish One month long time Soak Off in 5-10 minutes
No Wipe Top Fast,

Super shiny, And for

painting Color Charts

Two weeks long time Soak Off in 8-12 minutes
Matte Top To have a matte finish One month long time Soak Off in 5-10 minutes



Tips for removal: file nails first, in order to break the top coat surface.

then soaking nails into remover, therefore this step will help to have a much shorter removal time.

Top coat and no wipe top are both shiny top, only matte top is without shiny surface.

Let’s see the difference by pictures.

top coat

effect with different tops HD image

Buy it Now, Click to Shop. 

It is a very fashion way to have both matte top and shiny top together. Shiny in matte, matte in shiny, it is a real low-key luxury.

top coat

nail arts by matte and shiny top HD image

top coat

nail arts matte HD image

top coat

arts of matte top HD image

view more about oulac

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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish? step by step instruction

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish?

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish?  It is very easy and the OUL’ΛC brand products are skin friendly, so it is more than easy.

Let’s see how easy it is with the step by step instruction:

First step, File the surface of the gel polish, to break the durable top coat, this step will help the removal be more easily.

Second step, Open the removal wrap bag, put nail into it, make sure the nail surface covered by the cotton side. The cotton inside the bag is with liquids of removal function. Then take off the clear layer on the bag and uncover the sticky glue, wraps nails and glue it.

Third step, about 5-10 minutes later, take out the removal wraps bag, use a wood stick to push off the softened gel polishes. Repeat this step one nail by one nail after all nails finished.

Fourth step, buff the nail surface if there are still slight gel polishes on nails. Then Clean nails with cleanser, that’s done.

Remove Gel Nail Polish —- some useful tips

Firstly, to have better protection of nails after removal, we suggest to use the nail shiner to smooth nails at the end step.

Secondsly, apply cuticle oil around nail cuticles can nourish it from dead skin and hangnail.

Thirdly, We suggest to Keep nails rest for couple of days after removing gel polish, take care of our nails and have beautiful colours soon. Some gel polish are using cheap materials which are unsafe and bad for our health.  We suggest to use OUL’ΛC brand Gel Nail Polish which is high quality and with skin friendly materials,

Let’s share some nails by OUL’ΛC gel nail polish.

Remove Gel Nail Polish

Blossom gel video tutorial HD image

Remove Gel Nail Polish

greenery collection HD image


Remove Gel Nail Polish

 daisy collection HD image