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Nail Art Tutorial

how to apply the builder gel

how to apply the builder gel

builder gel


builder gel


As we all know, more and more people are likely to build the nail with builder gel. It is convenient to draw any pattern and any shape. So it becomes a popular trend in the beauty industry. Have you ever apply the builder gel? If you not, we will teach you how to apply it. Builder gel, which has clear gel

and color builder gel. And do you know what the characteristic of builder gel? It is so amazing. It can builder without any pain, good liquidity and easily to build a shape of your nail.

So how to apply it?

It is so easy and removes.

At the outset, Use the cleanser to wipe the nail.

Secondly, File the nail smooth and keep it clean and dry.

after that, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC base coat, then cured in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

Next, use the paper tray to hold the gel and the paper tray will be along the line and fit on your nail with paper tray.

then, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC color, 30scuring the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

lastly, Brush one more layer color, curing in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

finally, Brush a layer top coat, curing in 60 s by LED lamp or 120s by UV lamp.

How to Remove the high-quality Builder Gel Polish? 

1: firstly, Gently file the surface of the gel polish to break the seal and remove the shine
2: secondly, Place cotton wool saturated with remover over the nail.
3: thirdly, Wrap up for 10 minutes time,  then remove with a wood stick.
4: fourthly, Use a buffer to lightly buff surface of the nail.
5:  Finally, Apply hand and nail Nourish cuticle oil.


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Nail Art Tutorial

summer color gel: perfect nail art design of oulac lacquer gel

OULAC Summer color gel, which is suitable for you to go sightseeing

In Flowers Season, People take advantage of the warmer temperatures by spending more time outdoors during the summer. Activities such as traveling to the beach and picnics occur during summer months.

Of cause, You should choose the famous scenery where to make you release pressure and cheer up. As far as I know. We are all enduring much pressure recently and have not better to release. so the best choice is to go outside and go sightseeing. It is so exciting activities for us in this summer.

However, oulac are considerate to draw a beautiful nail art design for the trip. In order to make you understand and how to apply it. We have prepared the method of SUMMER COLOR GEL operating.

The first step, apply a coat of OULAC GLK501 white color, cure it by UV or led light.

Then apply one more coat of OULAC GLK501 white color, cure it by UV or led light again.

high quality clear base coat

The second step, use OULAC nail gel color GLK077 orange, GLK 033 red, GLK029 green to draw flowers, cure it by UV or led light.

The third step, Use OULAC blue colors GLK014 and GLK098 to draw the rest flowers, cure it by UV or led light.

The fourth step, use OULAC GLK013 to draw leaves, cure it by UV or led light.

The fifth step, use OULAC brown color GLK039 to draw stamen and use GLK501 to dot pistil, cure it by UV or led light.

Apply a coat of OULAC no wipe top coat, cure it by UV or led light.

All colors used: OULAC GLK501, GLK077, GLK 033, GLK029, GLK014, GLK098, GLK013, GLK039

summer color gel

the perfect nail art design of oulac

Have you got it? I believe that it is suitable for you to go sightseeing. Oulac gel nail polish must be your best choice. Have a good time, enjoy yourself. After traveling, you will be happier than before and relax.

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Macrons collection, mother's day, Nail Art Tutorial

Macarons gel nail polish: what gift are you give to your mother

  Macarons gel nail polish: what gift are you give to your mother

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tell a mom in your life just how much she means to you. But that can be a lot of pressure, too! You want to make this day special, but with all the Mother’s Day gift ideas out there, how do you find the gift that’s perfect for your mom?

We’ve put together a guide to Mother’s Day gift ideas specially tailored for different types of moms. Just identify the “type” of mom you’re shopping for and check out our gift ideas to make her smile.
For the woman who looks like she stepped off the pages of a magazine and never wears the wrong thing, you want a gift that reflects her impeccable taste and non-stop style.

Macarons gel nail polish is tailor for you mother. Macaron Collection Source of Inspiration: While the mother’s day coming, Is there anything worth the expecting? Plushes? Roses? Chocolates? Oh, those are just too dull. To be more creative and with Sweetheart, Is there anything else better than Desserts? anything else more suitable in this heart-beating days?

macarons gel nail polish

macarons gel nail polish, the gift which is fit for your mother

Macaron, it is originated from 14th Century’s Italy, Being popular from France. It is the noble among desserts. With beautiful decoration, sexy coating, also with fascinating mouth-feel — outside crisp but inside soft, it swept the world. What’s more, it derives a fashion style called Macaron Colors. The popular fashion element — Macaron Colors, it fits the fashion mother’s consumer demands so well. your hands stained by Macarons, even fingernail tips are dying to good-looking shades.I love Macarons, love Cappuccino, love Lavander, Blue Sky, and you.

OULAC gel nail polish just tailor for your mother

What is the application of OUL’ΛC UV Gel polish? 

Step1, Use the cleanser to wipe the nail.

Step2, File the nail smooth and keep it clean and dry.

Step3, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC base coat, curing in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

Step4, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC color, 30scuring the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

Step5, Brush one more layer color, curing in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

Step6, Brush a layer top coat, curing in the 60s by LED lamp or 120s by UV lamp.

How to Remove Nail Gel? 

1: Gently file the surface of the gel polish to break the seal and remove the shine
2: Place cotton wool saturated with remover over the nail.
3: Wrap up for 10 minutes time,  then remove gel with a wood stick.
4: Use a buffer to lightly buff surface of the nail.
5: Apply hand and nail nourish cuticle oil.

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classic series gel polish, Nail Art Tutorial

nail gel uv gel polish: The strategy of apply your beautiful gel on your nails

 Nail gel UV gel polish: The strategy of How to apply gel polish at home

Today let talk about that why should we apply the nail gel UV gel polish at home. There is some advantage of what you want.

The first one is saving money. And you can balance the price which is cost-efficient. If you make the gel manicure in outside. That will cost 30 dollars at least. But if you buy a set tool of gel polish, it will cost 100 dollars and you can apply it many many times.

in the second place, it is better than nail polish. Waterproofing completely and more durable. but also easier to operate than nail polish.

At last, experience the fun of DIY. You can buy some ornament and Optional collocation

nail gel uv gel polish

the gel polish with beautiful color and smooth surface

So what things should you prepare?

  1. Lamp

You can choose the led lamp or UV lamp. the former is dries instantly than the latter.

The greater the power, the shorter the time required for the light

  1. Gel polish

I opt for the gel polish of oulac. It has all characteristic of nail gel uv gel polish industry. More than 1000 colors each series, but also with high quality, great saturation, easy to apply and keep to 3-4 weeks. It must be a good choice for you when you are going to apply the gel polish on your nail.

At the beginning, you need a piece of base coat and one top coat. And add the beautiful color gel what you like. If you want to be special design, That you can choose the matte top coat on your nail. That hasa great effect.

  1. Remover

Remover, which is use to remove the gel polish. it is easy to remove and quickly. But there are an mportant point that is not harmful for your nail.

  1. Buffer

It is use to buffer the nail surface and remove the top coat. You can buy different thickness to use.

  1. pusher

It also use by removing gel nail polish. It usually use the nail cuticle pusher.

  1. alcohol

It is use to clean the surface of your nail and wipe the top coat.

Now let learn to the step of usage

the example of applying the gel polish

Step one, Buffed, trim, clean and apply the base coat.

Smooth the surface of nail with buffer, Trim the shape of the nail and dead skin,  then use the cotton to clean with the alcohol. That is benefit to deoil.

Secondly, Apply base coat and curing by led lamp 60 seconds.

Thirdly, apply the color gel and curing by led lamp 60 seconds.

Finally, finish with top coat, curing by led lamp.

the effect of matte top coat

If you are inserting in our product or our tutorial, don’t forget to contact us, we will online all day. 


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Nail Art Tutorial

How to care for your nail after gel manicure

     How to care for your nail after gel manicure


gel manicure

The combination of spring and winter colors

Have you ever worried about your nail after the gel manicure? With the prevalence of nail industry in recent years. More and more women have applied the nail gel many times. And ignore a condition, which the nail will become weaker and weaker. Gel manicures can lead to weak nails and other damage. Don’t worry, you don’t have to swear them off forever! Healthy nails and beautiful polish aren’t mutually exclusive, as long as you follow some simple rules to stave off common post-gel woes.

Most of the damage from gels comes from the removal process. A lot of people get impatient with the amount of time it takes for the gel to dissolve, and end up peeling the product off. When you do this, you’re taking a layer of the nail off with it and weakening the nail plate. Either get them soaked off professional or follow our guide to removing your gel mani at home without wrecking your nails

You would never wash your face without applying moisturizer afterward, so why would your nails be any different? The gel polish prevents air and moisture from penetrating the nail, and the acetone remover further dries them out, so you’ve got to make sure to replenish them. But how to care for your nail after gel manicure.

Step 1: Apply the oil and cuticle cream to the nails, then slather the moisturizer all over. Lay a hot towel over your hands for a few minutes to let everything soak in.

gel polish

environmental and healthy cuticle oil

Step 2: Get nails back in shape by laying off your gel or polished mani for at least a week or two.

Step 3: It’s made with collagen, wheat protein, keratin, and bamboo extract to help nails grow longer and stronger. Once you’re ready to go back to polish, try using an at-home gel system that doesn’t take a UV light

As a result, if you according to our method to do, I believe that your nail will grow stronger and healthier.

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Nail Art Tutorial

how to test the long-lasting gel nail polish

nail art design for OULAC gel nail polish

With the development of the society, more and more gel polish, nail polish will appear layer upon layer without end.But how to test the best gel nail polish? It including endurance, saturation glossiness and so on. So today let’s learn together.

Step 1: how to test the saturation of gel nail polish? Apply a layer of color gel, and if the color gel is symmetrical on the nail. It is easy to apply the second coat of color gel. So without a doubt, it is one of the methods to test the gel polish or not.

Step 2: how to check the endurance? There are two aspects: on the one hand when applying if you according to the normal procedure, apply a base coat, color gel, top coat and drawing the pattern. So it will keep three weeks at least. In the other hand, as long as you didn’t damage under normal circumstance, it will maintain 3 weeks at least.

Step 3: how to test the glossiness? Don’t dip your nails in water longtime and rub your nails.

If you don’t dip and rub, it will keep a mirror effect as before. If you do all of what I say, I promise that it will be maintain 1 month at least.So have you get the tutorial?

So have you get the tutorial? if you not, welcome to comment or contact us. Of course, we will pass on all of the knowledge for you.

black classic and protruding temperament of gel polish

high shine high quality and high saturation

let’s study a video tutorial

Tip :1 Clean the oil when applying the nail

2.Apply base coat,color gel and top coat in place

3.Curing by led lamp 1 min

4.Do not fumble your nail after apply the top coat.

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Nail Art Tutorial

LONDON Bus Tutorial: usage of nail drawing art gel DIY nails

Nail drawing art Tutorial: LONDON BUS

nail drawing art, the nail drawing art gel is very easy for nail arts, and today we tutorial with a london bus.

After the prep and base coat, we begain with the detailed steps for london bus, here below is step by step tutorial:


nail drawing art

Nail art step HD image

nail drawing art

Stripping pen HD image

nail drawing art

Drawing gel HD image

nail drawing art

gel HD image

nail drawing art

liner HD image

nail drawing art

Nail art london bus HD image

nail drawing art

Oulac HD image

nail drawing art

london art HD image

nail drawing art

First step, Apply a coat of white colour;

Second step, draw the carriage on the bottom of nail with a red colour;

Third step, draw the second floor carriage above the first one with the red colour;

Fourth step, draw the windows on the carriages with a white colour;

Fifth step, draw the wheels with a black colour;

Sixth step, draw a bowknot on top with a purple colour;

Seventh step, draw three lines on the bowknot with a white colour;

Eighth step, draw thinner red lines in the white lines with a red colour to complete the bowknot; finish.

Of course curing is necessary during the drawing, and a top coat to finish.

There the drawing art gel used for LONDON bus above are as below:

White windows and lines: GP01

Red bus and lines: GP05

Black wheels: GP02

GP series colours are with a special drawing brush, it is specially for drawing nail arts and DIY fashion design fans. There are more colours available:

nail drawing art

All drawing art gel HD image

nail drawing art

Let’s share more nail arts by the drawing art gels:

nail drawing art

Nail liner art gel HD image

nail drawing art

More drawing art gel HD image

nail drawing art

French nail art gel HD image

nail drawing art

OUL’ΛC provides variety colours and fashions.

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Nail Art Tutorial

Nail Gel Polish Crossing Tutorial: Pink Winter

Nail Gel Polish Crossing Tutorial: Pink Winter 

Nail Gel Polish Crossing Tutorial: If you didn’t think pink was a winter shade, think again! We’re loving this Crossing design by Helen, Technician of OUL’ΛC @oulacnail  using some of the hottest, most iconic OUL’ΛC shades.

Here below is the products Used for Nail Gel Polish Crossing Tutorial: Pink Winter :

Base Coat





Top Coat

Nail Gel Polish Crossing Tutorial : Pink Winter

Nail Gel Polish Crossing Tutorial: Pink Winter —- step by step 

  1. Apply OUL’ΛC Base Coat. Cure with led light for 30 seconds.
  2. Apply Color 80622 on ring fingernail and  Color GLK011 on the rest nails.Cure with led light for 60 seconds.
  3. Apply one more coat Color 80622 on ring fingernail and  Color GLK011 on the rest nails again.Cure with led light for 60 seconds.
  4. Use a striping brush to draw lines with  Color GLK005.Cure with led light for 10 seconds.
  5. Use a striping brush to draw crossing lines with Color GLK003 as pictured.Cure with led light for 10 seconds.
  6. Apply OUL’ΛC Top Coat. Cure with led light for 60 seconds.

Nail Gel Polish Crossing Tutorial

Products Used for Nail Gel Polish Crossing Tutorial: Pink Winter :

Base Coat





 Top Coat


Here is the links for More Products for Choice :