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special day

Happy Father’s Day

happy father’s day

two days to go, the father’s day are coming. so we make nail art design and UV gel color for your father to celebrate.

People say that Mother’s love is people’s praises for its selflessness. In fact, father’s love is as great as that. They bury their love in the deep bottom of their hearts and will never show it. Faced his love, we accept it silently without saying a word to show our appreciation.Before I was going to senior school, my father had never said a word to show his love to me, so that I thought he did not love me very much and sometimes I was upset about it.

However, I still remember the scene.After the college entrance examination, my father was informed of my College entrance examination scores. It is not a satisfying score for me. And my father was claimed and comfort me. He is so sad, wasn’t didn’t show it at face.At that time, he was try him best to find the best school for me. I realized my mistake until that time. In my childhood, i always ignore that Everything my father has paid for me. But i never take notice of what he do. In fact, father who is one of person to take care of us.

So now we Today I have a super fun tape manicure to show you. It’s really easy, but looks super fancy. Plus, it works great with UV gel color gel and nails art design. Score! To celebrate the father’s day, we draw the nail art design for you especially.

uv color gel

the nail art design of father’s day

Father’s Day is a special day for everyone! We use this day to honor our fathers all over the world! We celebrate this holiday on the third Sunday in June.

uv gel color

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special day

You raise me up, I accompany you to be old

You raise me up, I accompany you to be old

the nail art design of the mother’s day

The world there is a most beautiful voice, and that is the call of the mother. As a child, she often urges again and again: don’t catch a cold, take care of yourself. Eat more, don’t hungry. She gets up early in the morning and completes her household work. She cooks delicious food for us. And if you are in trouble, there will be a voice in your ear: I’m here, don’t be sad.

In addition, She is my first teacher. not only She teaches me to always be in discipline, but also behave in good manners. She is the one who spends her sleepless nights during my sickness and other bad days. She happily involves in my happy moments and understands my likes and dislikes. I can express me any feeling and share whatever I have in my mind with her.So in my opinion, I think all the world of glory and pride of our mother. She is the most important in our life.

As a result, tomorrow is mother’s day. We should prepare some gift to give our mother. Motherly love is the greatest force in the world. So, in a special holiday, we should try our best to give what presents for our mother. And giving a special gift to my mother. However, oulac GLK professional soak off UV gel polish is a good idea for you. Making up your mother and make your mother become more fashion and younger than before.

why choose macron professional soak off UV gel nail polish?

After careful preparation of our team, we have chosen the best color gel for our mother. It is suitable for the age of our mother. In addition, our products which are no harm, no odor and healthy. It does not harm your mother health absolutely. That will be your best choice.

professional soak off uv gel nail polish

make up your tip nail with the enthusiastic color gel

Q1.Why should you choose OUL’AC ?

A1:1.We are professional gel nail polish manufacturer under strict conditions. And we are engaged in nail products industry for 6 years. The factory covers an area of 7100 square meters, over 200 workers. We have a complete production line and rich product category.

2.Hundreds of distribution partners around the world.
3.European and Russian safety standards approved.
4.High quality and competitive price.
5.Get a lot of certification such as MSDS, SGS, GMP, CPNP, INTERTEK
6.We can supply pure fundamental gel for your own color making.
7.We support OEM and ODM. We can design posters,  product image, product information… for you according to your brand or what you want!

8.A variety of transportation for you.

9.The most important thing is that we could promise that we will provide the premium pre-sales and after-sales services for you.

Q2: How many colors do you have?

A2: More than 1000 colors. And, we could make any colors that you provide.

Q3: Can I have a discount?

A3: Of course! More quantities you order, more discounts you will get!

Q4: How to make an order?

how to make order