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Happy Women’s Day Images & Photos: Nail Gel Colours for 8th, March

Happy Women’s Day Images & Photos: Nail Gel Colours for 8th, March

Happy Women’s Day, international women’s day originally called International Working Women’s Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year. It commemorates the struggle for women’s rights.

The earliest Women’s Day observance was held on February 28, 1909, in New York and organized by the Socialist Party of America. A Women’s Day demonstration on March 8, 1917 in Petrograd sparked the Russian Revolution. Declared a national holiday in the Soviet Russia in 1917, it was predominantly celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries until it was adopted in 1977 by the United Nations.

While the women’s coming, Is there anything worth the expecting? Plushes? Roses? Chocolates? Oh, those are just too dull. To be more creative and with Sweetheart, Is there anything else better than Desserts? anything else more suitable in this heart-beating days?

Happy Women’s Day

Happy Womens Day HD image

Macaron, it is originated from 14th Century’s Italy, Being popular from France. It is the noble among desserts. With beautiful decoration, sexy coating, also with fascinating mouth-feel — outside crisp but inside soft, it swept the world. What’s more, it derives a fashion style called Macaron Colors. The popular fashion element — Macaron Colors , it fits the fashion women’s consume demands so well. Happly women’s day!

Happy Women’s Day : the women’s day in March, with the pastel colors in Macaron collection, the ingenious assortments and matches, bring fingernails sweetly and lovely breaths which belongs to spring only.

That’s the Sweet Time . Macaron Collection Source of Inspiration.

your hands stained by Macarons, even fingernail tips are dyeing to good-looking shades.

I love Macarons, love Cappuccino, love Lavander, Blue Sky, and you.

Happy Women’s Day

sweet time.macaron set HD image

Happy Women’s Day Colours in Sweet Time . Macaron Collection


In this poetry-like and painting-like season, while I am missing the warmly romantics belonged to me, you are right standing far apart, facing and looking at me.

Vanilla Pudding

Sun shines, pudding fragrances, Cool and Sweet, there are you, there are Desserts, This is a feeling unspeakable, I think this is what people often say “HAPPY”.

Happy Daisy

I like you, also like the life you lived, just as daisy — bright, innocent and happy.


My love is like half-sweetness, it lets you always longing for more. Only the subtle sweetness, that won’t be over and tired.

Happy Women’s DayHappy Women’s Day

macaron collection HD image

Full of Romantic

To the whole world, you may be one person; but for me, you are my whole world.

Lavender Love

While Leaving, I left a bunch of lavenders in your book. When we met next time, let’s check the color of the lavenders, and smell the favor, then you will know how much I loved you.

Hawaii Sea

Witnessed by sea, sky and clouds, I’d like to make the most beautiful promises with you: to hold hands and be old together with you.

Mint Summer

I said once before: If I could meet the right one, I would give her a mint.

I would like to give you a cool and comfortable mint summer.

The world is birthed because of the woman, and appears particularly beautiful.

I am being more attractive because of the“Sweet Time”. Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day

macaron colors HD image

Happy Women’s Day

sweet time nail arts HD image

happy women's day

happy women's day


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