happy Easter day
Macrons collection

The Easter day will have come , are you ready?

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gel nail polish: our new products just for easter day, one of the important festival  the Easter gel polish

happy Easter day

HD Image     The important festival__Easter day

Easter nail colors prepare something for the coming Easters.

Easter nail colors: while the womens day has passed, we realized the Easter is coming soon! In 2017, the Easter is from 11th, April to 16th, April. It is only about few weeks time soon. OUL’ΛC is preparing some nice colors for Easter for its fans now.

Bunnies and Rabbits are often associate with Easter because most babies of the animals are born in Spring around Easter time.

Eggs & Chicks are often associate with Easter too because, in Pagan times, they were signs of Fertility and New Life. The Early Christians took over the meaning of New Life because it helped them remember the Resurrection and having New Life through Jesus.

In Pagan times, like Eggs, Rabbits and Hares were signs of Good Luck and New Life. The Early Christians took over the meaning of New Life because it helped them remember Jesus being raised from the dead and having New Life. Thus, the eggs were colored and eaten during the celebrations. in addition, colored eggs were used to celebrate Easter as house decorations in Europe.wooden eggs are beautifully painted in lots of different patterns. The patterns often have special names and meanings and help to tell the Easter Story.


the nail colors about Easter is usually something about colorful eggs and rabbits.

The colors on eggs are so sweet, it recalled us about the sweet time.macaron collection.

Therefore, Lets enjoy the colors and nail arts off of Easter eggs 

rabbit and Easter egg style

HD Image

the beautiful picture nail gel polish


the easter egg and beautiful gel nail polish


Colors in Sweet Time. Macaron Collection gel nail polish

the nail gel polish of Macron Collection


In this poetry-like and painting-like season, while I am missing the warmly romantics belonged to me, you are right standing far apart, facing and looking at me.

Vanilla Pudding

Sun shines, pudding fragrances, Cool and Sweet, there are you, there are Desserts, This is a feeling unspeakable, I think this is what people often say “HAPPY”.

Happy Daisy

I like you, also like the life you lived, just as the daisy — bright, innocent and happy.


My love is like half-sweetness, it lets you always longing for more. Only the subtle sweetness, that won’t be over and tired.

Full of Romantic

To the whole world, you may be one person; but for me, you are my whole world.

Lavender Love

While Leaving, I left a bunch of lavenders in your book. When we met next time, let’s check the color of the lavenders, and smell the favor, then you will know how much I loved you.

Hawaii Sea

Witnessed by sea, sky, and clouds, I’d like to make the most beautiful promises with you: to hold hands and be old together with you.

Mint Summer

I said once before: If I could meet the right one, I would give her a mint.

I would like to give you a cool and comfortable mint summer.

oulac new product charming color of Macaron Collection


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