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Gorgeous in Green colors: 12 Shades of Green You’ll Be Wearing All Year 2017

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Green colors: 12 Shades You’ll Be Wearing All Year 2017

Green Colors,  Let’s face it…  It isn’t always the most popular color when it comes to the manicure. Since Panton pablished the 2017 greenery colour, people immediately opt for the shade in an effort to feel fashion. It’s being widely used in clothing colour, cosmetic colours and nail colours.

Here OULAC we treat every color equally, and we want to encourage everyone to embrace this nail colour option in 2017 time. It’s such a spring, summer and recovery shade after all. Here are the 12 OULAC shades that can be wear when the rainbows go back in hiding.

Green Colors collection

1.Tea Garden

You are spring, you are the greenery sprout in tea garden, and you are my world my April days.

Green Colors

Tea Garden HD image

2.Jasmine Buds

If you blossomed, the bees would come. greenery buds, is elegant and with nice fragrance.

Green Colors

Jasmine Buds HD image

3.Dancing in mints

I wanna to dancing freely with you, in the beautiful Bohol Island.

Green Colors

Dancing in mints HD image

4.Swan Dreamland

Charming angel, and fancy dreaming, let’s stay and never wake up

Green Colors

Swan Dreamland HD image

5.Lemon Grass

the youth we passed tastes like lemon grass, there is sweetness inside the acidulous.

Green Colors

Lemon Grass HD image

6.Girl in Greenhouse

Coming to me, we are in each others eyes and hands holding together. You are the green color in my life.

Green Colors

Girl in Greenhouse HD image

7.Flower Square

If meeting again, I will planting the spring greens all over the season square, and planting a colorful dream in your heart.

Green Colors

Flower Square HD image

8.Honey Matcha

I’ve met thousands of people, but you are the only one accompanying with me. Love, it is not an accident.

Green Colors

Honey Matcha HD image

9.Lake Baikal Banks

How much wished that time comes again! That time we were walking on the banks of Lake Baikal, walking and walking…

Green Colors

Lake Baikal Banks HD image

10.Forests Tale

The love between you and me, it’s a mysterious forests tale, it can be told between heats only.

Green Colors

Forests Tale HD image

11.Weeds in jungle

Even the fierce storm can’t let you down.

Green Colors

Weeds in jungle HD image

12.Field with hope

At this moment, green is the color of the sky.

Green Colors

Field with hope HD image

Green colors nail art

Let’s enjoy with nails in green

nails in green HD image

Let’s enjoy with nails in green

nails art green HD image

nails in green colors

nail green HD image

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