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Nails turn to orange: Why only few girls’ nails turn to orange?

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Why only few girls’ nails turn to orange or yellow after removing the nail polish?

Nails turn to orange: There are few girls, they are scared to find that only their nails turn to orange or yellow after removing the polish, but their friends nails are still beautiful without any problem.

Nails turn to orange: Why would that happen?

Is it because of the products used? But their girl friends are using same products, with same application steps. It is not about products, but about the particular nails.

Nails turn to orange or yellow, it means the polish has infused into nails. This is often to be seen on nails which are broken or damaged, rough or thin.

If the nails are damaged, but still apply polish on it, the polish would easily infuse into nails, and turn nails to orange.

How to protect our nails?

So advice is don’t apply polish on broken or damaged nails.

Some girls love nail colours so much, that they apply polishes again once removed the old colours. This is no problem if the removal is safe. But once there had a strong removal and the nails were being damaged while removing, stop applying again, leave nails a rest and waits it recover. Or you will see the nails are orange next time when removing.

Health nails are with a protect layer which can resist polish or gels from nails. Few days rest, the protect layer will be recover again. Then we can apply beautiful colours again.

nails turn to orange

Also, to nails those are easy to be orange, advise to shiner it before applying the polish, rough nails are easier for polishes to infuse, smooth nails would be better.

On the other hand, girls need to take care of the products’ material, use those polish products with safe materials, in that way, even there is orange or yellow accident happened, it’s safe to your health.

OUL’ΛC nail gel polish is skin friendly and can be safely used. With MSDS sheets available from distributor, with testing reports by interteck and SGS. All girls can use it without worry.

nails turn to orange

OUL’ΛC, Meet you, meet health, meed the colour of good luck.

nails turn to orange


nails turn to orange

nails turn to orange

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