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black pearl

What is OULAC black pearl. chosen collection?And how is it?

Black Pearl is a precious jewelry. It represents the treasure through the tough life. Therefore, it is also called the most impressive tear of shell. it’s rare and noble.

The quality ones has features as following:

1, very smooth

Only when the best raw material being processed by the most good shell, there comes the most smooth pearl.

2, high gloss

Pearl’s value is measured by its gloss, colour, flawless, size and shape. And the gloss is especially most important. So a smaller pearl with super gloss is normally with higher value than bigger pearl but dull.

3,marvelous colour

The colour of black pearl is natural and unique. There are incredible colorful tones in the black, non of other pearls can compare with the shades.

 In ancient times, the black pearl is between dragon’s teeth and shining its marvelous color there. Only the most brave and wise person can beat the dragon and deserve it.

Now OUL’ΛC brings its Black Pearl. Chosen Collection. It meets all of our demands for quality treasure and precious colors:

1, very smooth

Selected the best and natural raw materials, being processed by the most professional manufacturer with latest highest technology, then there comes the OUL’ΛC nail gels with most smooth application experience .

2, high gloss

It’s super high gloss finish. And more than that, the high gloss finish lasts on nails for more than 2 weeks time, with flawless, never be dull.

3, marvelous color

After got feedback from color expects and fashion idols, there we got hundreds of fashion colors in black pearl collection.

what’s more, 48 colors are chosen out by customers who tried every colors. So all the 48 colors are chosen marvelous colors.