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Blossom gel

lets you create top nail art

        blossom color what you like

Recently, the green colors have become the fashion trend. Thus, According to the fans requirement, we have make the nail art design for everyone. And we found that it is so fantastic.

In this moment, i think you must be interesting in it and would like to know how to apply it. Now let me tell you about it.

This is what blossom gel is. It lets you create top nail art that looks like it takes a lot of skill when you only need three things: blossom base, blossom colour, and nail art brush. When the most popular pattern is the rose, it is not the only one.

The first step, use the oulac white color No.42 to apply a layer as a base coat, then curing by led lamp 60 seconds,uv lamp 120 seconds. Then apply it again and curing by the lamp.

blossom color

On the second step, firstly,use the transparent of blossom gel as the second layer on your nail. not cure under uv or led lamp in this step. Secondly, use the No.10 and No.6 to blossom color the gel of effect. And the idea which is draw the blossom gel on your nail surface and wait to blossom automatically. If the effect is not to you want. You can draw the support from the painting pen and blossom it, which makes clearly of the level. Thirdly, use black color gel to embellish on the nail and wait the effect of blossoming. Finally, curing by led 60s.

blossom color

fantastic of pattern

The third step, use the grapheme of paster to stick on your nail.then use the rubber bar to press smooth.

blossom color

Finally, apply a layer of top coat and cure led lamp to finish. If you are interesting in green color. Please don’t to miss and try.

that will love the classy effect on their fingertips!

blossom color

blossom color

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Blossom gel

How to apply the blossom gel

nail gel: how to apply blossom gel

With the development of the nail gel polish, and all variety of nail art design are emerge in an endless stream, and Women on the requirements of the nail is also getting higher and higher. As a result, you will see all women have applied the nail and all style of the manicure they have. Thus it can be seen, the nail art design is more and more popular.However, the complex styles are generally accepted by the public.

So with the weather start to warm up and the flowers start to bloom. Oulac has decided to create a complex style with the petals of new series, blossom gel. It is charming, fancy and easy to apply. I guess that you are intrigued by our new products.

nail gel

the nail art design of blossom gel

There is some advantage for the blossom gel. Firstly, it is nicely smooth, shiny surface; Ideal hardness, bright colors and Highly adhesive.
Secondly, it is easy to apply and soak off.The colors are no odor, no nicks, and no chips forever.
In the addiction, for the OEM\ODM very popular in Europe market

Thirdly, All of our product without Formaldehyde, Toluene or Phthalate (DBP).

Of course, there is an important point for the blossom gel. It is easy to blossom shade, like flowers or other. Therefore, I could hardly wait to study.

gel nail polish

charming and classic gel nail polish

OK, let’s learning together

Firstly: apply a layer of Oulac Base Coat.(curing by led lamp 30 seconds, UV lamp 60 seconds)

Secondly: apply a layer of white as base coat(curing by led lamp 30 seconds, UV lamp 60 seconds)

Thirdly: apply the second coat of white blossom base(not cure the lamp in this step)

Next: use the blossom gel NO.15 to draw the pattern(curing by led lamp 30 seconds,uv lamp 60 seconds)

Finally: finish a layer of Oulac top coat(curing by led lamp for 30 seconds, UV lamp 60 seconds)

gel polish

2017 oulac high-quality best-selling gel


uv gel

mountains-and-waters painting of blossom gel

Our tutorial is over.

If you are interested in it. Don’t be stingy to share with your friends. If you can’t to try it on your nails, please click here to shop oulac.us or contact us. We will online all the time.


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Blossom gel

Blossom Gel Tutorial: Summer Nails – Deep in Sea Nail Art

Blossom Gel Tutorial: Summer Nails – Deep in Sea Nail Art

Blossom Gel Tutorial: nail arts becomes so easy with blossom gel, everyone could be an artistic.

 Amazing and unlimited, endless and creative

Dreaming that I could be an artistic often, but it never comes true. It’s even more fancy and I never expected too much on being a nail art creator. Unless one day, the meeting of oulac blossom gel, then I start discovering myself…

Artistic dying, stone veins, ombre, fantasy illusions, abstraction paintings… Those regard as complicated nail arts before, can be easily created with this collection, even by ordinary person who is without professional skills.

Today we share the Blossom Gel Tutorial: Summer Nails – Deep in Sea Nail Art

2017 summer, let’s have something cool and something new on nails. Wearing the deep in sea nail art, being the special one on beach, have a good luck holiday journey.

Meet you, meet love, meet the colours of good luck.

Blossom Gel Tutorial: Deep in Sea Nail Art


First step: clean nail and do preps

Second step: Apply a coat of OUL’ΛC base coat, a thin layer is fine, and cure it with UV or LED lamp, 2 minutes if UV lamp, 60 seconds if LED lamp.

Third step: Apply a coat of OUL’ΛC blossom gel base white, and cure it with UV or LED lamp, 2 minutes if UV lamp, 60 seconds if LED lamp.

Fourth step: Apply a coat of OUL’ΛC blossom gel base white (no cure for this step)

Fifth step: Dot some OUL’ΛC blossom gel blue colours, wait it pervades to idea shapes, then cure it, also 2 minutes if UV lamp, 60 seconds if LED lamp.

Sixth step: Apply OUL’ΛC top coat, and cure it with UV or LED lamp, 2 minutes if UV lamp, 60 seconds if LED lamp. And use the cleanser to wipe it shine.

Blossom Gel Tutorial:

Summer Nails – Deep in Sea Nail Art

Blossom Gel Tutorial:

Video for blossom gel for other nail art style.

Blossom Gel Tutorial:Summer Nails – Deep in Sea Nail Art


base coat

blossom gel base white

blossom gel blue colour

top coat