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gel polish: how to apply the cat eye gel polish

 How to apply the cat eye gel polish


gel polish

the attractive gel of cat eye

Cat’s eye is a famous stone, which is known for its interesting coloring and a small glare on the surface that resemble people cat’s eyes. “Cat’s eye” manicure, which flirts with the hallmarks of the famous stone, making the inimitable manicure and bright.

Popular manicure “Cat’s eye” is growing every day, and all because of the incredible effect created on the nail. With the help of specially designed magnetic technology, the girl can at home to apply the gel polish so that it remained light textures and unusual stripes that make this an extraordinary manicure.

Any new technology in manicure requires special knowledge, which is why before you create a manicure “cat’s eye”, a girl must carefully consider this issue.

before you start, you must determine the color of the nails. Professionals have encouraged to give preference to dark varnishes, for example, all shades of black, dark purple and green. It is believed that such dark lucky cat’s eye effect would look most interesting.

cat eye gel polish

the noble and charming of golden cat eye gel

gel polish

manicure product of cat eye product

uv gel

with a characteristic products chameleon cat eye gel polish

So how to apply the cat eye coat gel polish? It is so easy. Let’s learning together.

firstly, disinfect your hands with alcohol

secondly, buffer the nail

thirdly, clean the surface of nail

fourthly, apply a layer of base coat, curing by led lamp 1min

next, apply a color gel of cat eye, but don’t cure the lamp in this step.

use a professional cat eye magnet to have the magnetic effect

take notice of the magnetic plate near the nail will not hold 4-5 seconds and 10-12 to create an attractive effect.

finally: finish with a layer of OULAC Top Coat (curing by led lamp 1min)

Consequently, have you learned above all of the tips and creative your beautiful nail?

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Which brand of gel nail polish is the best? And is it really the best thing for you?

Which brand of gel nail polish is the best? And is it really the best thing for you?

brand gel nail polish comes, girls who can’t keep a manicure for longer than 4 days, therefore really excited about gel with its promise of no-chipping for two weeks!

Since then, We’ve been gel junkies and tried all the brands with a couple different girls at nail salons. After tried more and more different brands,

What We’ve found is that it’s not the brand of polish that matters, but who tends to your cuticles and how they apply the polish.

Your cuticles must be pushed and cut back as far as possible.  When they grow back to the edge of the polish, they push against it, causing the polish to peel up.  Also, if the polish is applied over your cuticles, your mani doesn’t stand a chance.  So you’ve got to run the gamut of estheticians before you find the right one.  Then choose your polish on color not brand.

Wait, there’s more.

brand gel nail polish so many tried, but is it really the best thing for you?

After getting a few gel manicures we started to think, “this is good for my nails?”  Kind of like the hair extensions that made my hair thick and beautiful…until I took them out.  In a gel manicure, they buff off the enamel of the nail, apply chemicals to replace it.  Ugh. Differnt brands gel poishes are using difference chemicals.  And It seems the one we need to look out for is BHA,  butylated hydroxyanisol, which is a “cancer-causing agent.”

Thank to god, while we researching the chemicals for OULAC, BHA and other harzed materials are not included.

Selected materials that function and safety both qualified , adopting advanced extraction technology from Japen, France and some other European countries, achieved every OUL’ΛC products details is perfect quality.

OUL’ΛC extracts from plants, based on recently researching achievements, completed with safety assessments, also analyzed with chemistry, toxicity, hazardous, etc., strictly on quality standards, to make sure products are safe.

brand gel nail polish

testing report HD image

brand gel nail polish

health materials HD image

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