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Rococo series gel nail polish

Rococo gel polish for nail

Rococo gel nail polish, your best choice


Hey, girls. I will share the best gel polish for you. Today I will state the best gel nail polish brand. Oulac gel nail polish brand is the best choice for you because we have a professional team and with high quality products  and it is it’s one of the most affordable gel polish brands. I love OULAC gel polish. So today, I will introduce our new products: Rococo series. We have 7 coffee color and 5 summer color

Rococo, which is beautiful color and suitable for having a rest and drink a coffee. It is matching with the series. It looks so harmony and sweat.

High quality glossy and no odor gel nail polish

This is a charming color and I’m so excited to try the color. it did not disappoint. At the beginning, I am worried about the colors are not suitable for me. But the effect is exceeding my expectations. It is very beautiful and I fond it color is suitable for everyone.

It is worth mentioning that OULAC gel nail polish brand is famous for quality. And you don’t worried about the durability and glossiness. Of course, it is healthy and environmental.

oulac color gel nail polish

gel nail polish brand

coffee beautiful nail art design

 As a result, gel nail polish feature is below:

OULAC gel nail polish  is non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection and other characteristics, which is a symbol of the new Manicure trend, compared with a general gel, its raw materials from natural resin, with non-toxic, health and safety features, compatible with the common advantages of plastic and nail polish, Full color clear, with convenient, instant drying, shiny to maintain more durable.

Are you interesting in the coffee color and the nail art style? Buy now online! Want to see more nail art designs using these colors? Check out our other blog posts! Let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see next!



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special day

Happy Father’s Day

happy father’s day

two days to go, the father’s day are coming. so we make nail art design and UV gel color for your father to celebrate.

People say that Mother’s love is people’s praises for its selflessness. In fact, father’s love is as great as that. They bury their love in the deep bottom of their hearts and will never show it. Faced his love, we accept it silently without saying a word to show our appreciation.Before I was going to senior school, my father had never said a word to show his love to me, so that I thought he did not love me very much and sometimes I was upset about it.

However, I still remember the scene.After the college entrance examination, my father was informed of my College entrance examination scores. It is not a satisfying score for me. And my father was claimed and comfort me. He is so sad, wasn’t didn’t show it at face.At that time, he was try him best to find the best school for me. I realized my mistake until that time. In my childhood, i always ignore that Everything my father has paid for me. But i never take notice of what he do. In fact, father who is one of person to take care of us.

So now we Today I have a super fun tape manicure to show you. It’s really easy, but looks super fancy. Plus, it works great with UV gel color gel and nails art design. Score! To celebrate the father’s day, we draw the nail art design for you especially.

uv color gel

the nail art design of father’s day

Father’s Day is a special day for everyone! We use this day to honor our fathers all over the world! We celebrate this holiday on the third Sunday in June.

uv gel color

best gel nail polish manufacturer

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Carving gel

how to apply the 4D carving gel

How to apply the 4D carving gel

with the development of oulac brand, we have produced all kinds of gel nail polish, especially function gel is so popular. such as 4D carving gel. it is high charming and has amazing effect after you draw. as a result, I think you are curious the quality of oulac products.

The Quality Of  4D Carving Gel

it is quality with  GMP, MSDS, SGS CPNP Certification and so on

here below is the features of Nail UV Gel OUL’ΛC:1.To begin with, there are classics colors, Bright and plump colors; unadulterated color and luster

1.To begin with, there are classics colors, Bright and plump colors; unadulterated color and luster

2.first of all, it is Easy to apply, soak off, Nice smooth; best soft brush, apply evenly and smoothly.

3.secondly, it is  Highly adhesive and Lasting at least 4 weeks time on nail

4.thirdly, with Ideal hardness; No nicks and no chips

5.besides, no harm, no poison no odor gravid and children are available to use

6.forthermore, it is  shiny surface and Always be shining

7.of course, it also easy to cure by UV lamp or led lamp

8. what’s more, it is green and environmental protection and edible water-soluble resin

9. in addition, it is free formula without Formaldehyde and Toluene or Phthalate (DBP)

10.Finally, there are natural pigments and healthy without harm

4D carving gel

the magical gel nail polish, it can carve any pattern what you like

What is the application of OUL’ΛC 4D Carving Gel Polish

Firstly, Use the cleanser to wipe the nail and file the nail smooth and keep it clean and dry.

Secondly, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC base coat, then cured in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

Thirdly, take out of a piece of 4D carving gel by nail art pen. then stick on the nail.

Next, make the shape in need with nail art pen.

In addition, curing the 4D carving gel after confirmed the shape.

finally, finish with the top coat and cured in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

if you want to read more the tutorial, please click here.


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make up your nail tip,be a confident girl.

Makeup your nail tip. French series is the best choice.

Would you like to buy an ice-cream in a hot summer? It is so cool when you are in a hot condition. Just as the summer breeze blowing over your face.

Thus, today we have prepared a nail art design style about the Vanilla ice-cream. We also can makeup our nail tip.

So let’s talk about the method of gel polish nail art design.

At the beginning, use the nude color as a base coat. Curing led lamp for 1 min. Then apply the second color gel. Curing by led lamp for 1min.

gel polish

simple and fresh nude color

At the meantime, we use the GLK series to draw the little flowers with the GLK 567. then use the brown color to draw a part of flowers. And how to draw beautiful flowers? It is so easy. Firstly, we should paint a circle to confirm the line of flowers. Then use the paint pen to draw a picture of V

beautiful concise and cute french nail art design

Then use the GLK 547 to draw a pattern of flowers. The pink color is so cute, right? And now the thing you need to do, that repeats the step again.

Next, after painting the flowers, then use the painting gel to draw flowers core and diameter

high-quality charming style gel nail polish

Finally, finish with oulac top coat. The Vanilla ice-cream nail art design is appearing perfectly.

the perfect effect after apply the gel polish, french nail art design

So have you worried about which nail art design is suitable for you. And what is the best choice in this summer?

There is no doubt that oulac gel polish is tailor for you. Only you. Don’t hesitate, applying it on your nail, makeup your nail and become a beautiful girl.  Come on, baby.

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Color Trends

gel polish: the nail art design just tailored for you

          which is less harmful to the nail between gel polish and nail polish.

In resent year, with the nail industry of the society. Gel polish and nail polish have become more and more popular. And as these question, some people can not distinguish its difference of essential. There are some way of saying a thing. Some people like the nail polish, because it is uncomplicated and convenient. And some people like gel polish, just because it can can maintain 3-4 weeks and keep high glossy long lasting.

There is a long time argument about the difference between normal nail polish and gel nail polish. This article will explain the difference between the two and outline some of the pros and cons for each.

gel polish

sweet color high-shine long lasting gel nail polish

We all know regular nail polish, which is also know as normal nail polish, or nail varnish. Normal nail polish is a lacquer where the ingredients been refined over the years to protect nails against drying out and cracking. There is some deficiency although it is uncomplicated and convenient. Maybe you will say it can save some time. So let’s talk about the statement.

Gel polish vs nail polish

The chemicals formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate are used in most nail polishes. It has the pungent odor. And remove in 2-3 days. If you apply it and remove frequently. It is not good for your nail to grow.

gel polish

high gloss no odor nice smooth gel nail polish in uv

Gel polish, which is produced from resin, nail ?no odor, natural, healthy. And it also can keep 3-4weeks. It can protect your nail lasting.

So how to protect nails?

There are some tip for you and make the nail become more healthy.

Firstly, put your hand in the warm water and put a few piece of lemon when you trim your nail. And soak off the 3-5 minute. That will soften your nail skin. After dying your nail, then applying the cuticle oil that will protect your nail effectively.

Secondly, Eat more vitamin E foods if your nail breaks easily. These foods can enhance the hardness of nails and help your nail more healthy.

Thirdly, Try to minimize the use of your nails as a tool, for example, open the pot, and so easy to nail injury or even broken movement.

There are no doubt that OULAC gel nail polish is a good choice for you if you want to protect your nails.

gel polish

environmental and healthy cuticle oil

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Blossom gel

lets you create top nail art

        blossom color what you like

Recently, the green colors have become the fashion trend. Thus, According to the fans requirement, we have make the nail art design for everyone. And we found that it is so fantastic.

In this moment, i think you must be interesting in it and would like to know how to apply it. Now let me tell you about it.

This is what blossom gel is. It lets you create top nail art that looks like it takes a lot of skill when you only need three things: blossom base, blossom colour, and nail art brush. When the most popular pattern is the rose, it is not the only one.

The first step, use the oulac white color No.42 to apply a layer as a base coat, then curing by led lamp 60 seconds,uv lamp 120 seconds. Then apply it again and curing by the lamp.

blossom color

On the second step, firstly,use the transparent of blossom gel as the second layer on your nail. not cure under uv or led lamp in this step. Secondly, use the No.10 and No.6 to blossom color the gel of effect. And the idea which is draw the blossom gel on your nail surface and wait to blossom automatically. If the effect is not to you want. You can draw the support from the painting pen and blossom it, which makes clearly of the level. Thirdly, use black color gel to embellish on the nail and wait the effect of blossoming. Finally, curing by led 60s.

blossom color

fantastic of pattern

The third step, use the grapheme of paster to stick on your nail.then use the rubber bar to press smooth.

blossom color

Finally, apply a layer of top coat and cure led lamp to finish. If you are interesting in green color. Please don’t to miss and try.

that will love the classy effect on their fingertips!

blossom color

blossom color

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Easter day, Macrons collection

Easter day: where do you want to go and how to celebrate

Easter day: where do you want to go and how to celebrate

Tomorrow is the Easter day, so where do you want to go and how to celebrate the important holiday? Do you have some idea? If you not. I have some advantage. That will make you substantial and become significance of the day.

So let’s get a move on.

the important holiday to celebrate the easter day

Firstly, put on your sports suit and take a hike with your family and friends in the morning. It is a great opportunity for us to spend time with our love, enjoying the time together. Most of the people have the day off Easter, so you can invite your friend and take a hike.

Secondly,  take your friend to go to the dining room, and order an Easter -themed meal at the lunch time.

Due to the connection with egg, deviled eggs or scrambled eggs can be a good thematic fit to your Easter meals. After the lunch, bringing a camera and find the beautiful scene to take photos. I think that photos can be a fun way to remember the holiday as well as help you remember your Easter memories for years to come.

the Easter day nail art design

At the same time, plant something to celebrate new life. Buy some seeds and plant them in your yard or in a pot in your home. As a result, grow some new flowers or other plants can help you commemorate Easter by welcome spring. It is seen as a celebration of new life.

gel polish

oulac high shine and spring and summer colors

Finally, take some time to read the Easter story. This can be a good way to focus on the meaning behind the holiday. Reminding yourself why the holiday is celebrated can help you to engage more fully with your faith and its traditions.

Among all of the interesting advantage, are you shocked by these? It seems a substantial day for us and become more significance for our life.  let’s celebrate the easter day together