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Wedding nail fashion

Wedding nail, What’s the perfect excuse to finally wear some of that pretty nail art you’re always lusting over? You guessed it: wedding.

If you’re also a fan of this idea, check out the ideas on nails manicures follow on. It’s for bride as well as bridesmaids.

Firstly, BRIDE wedding NAILS

  • Bride is the most important one in the wedding, and the nails for bride is also most important. It won’t be anything wrong. The french manicure is ideal for the bride. French manicure is the most traditional, and it is with more sense of ceremony.

Secondly, BRIDESMAIDS wedding NAILS

  • The average wedding has between 2 and 6 bridesmaids. and bridesmaids are usually need to have almost same nails in length, shape, or color. Here are some of the most popular wedding fingernail colors for bridesmaids

1,  Apply a color of the bridesmaids’ dresses is a good idea. It’s just like telling everyone loudly “I am the bridesmaid!”.

2, Also there is another option, apply a color hue in the wedding color scheme

  • But the surest way that we want to have something different from the other bridesmaids. That’s why communication with the bride and the other bridesmaids is so critical to looking the part on the wedding day.And here are some nail ideas for being different:
  • 1, add some flowers or stickers
  • 2, add some glitters or crystals

Wedding inspired nails

1, French manicure, most traditional nail art, just be simple traditional or with some more  modern designs are both very beautiful.

Wedding nail

2, Other, By adding some diamonds, rhinestone, stickers are all very cleaver. It is makes makes nails be different and outstanding.

Wedding nail

more nail colors, link to oulac website

 Wedding Color scheme

  1.  white, The color mostly be seen in a wedding, it is always white.

    Wedding nail

  2.  champagne, A color for celebrating
  3.  blue


  5. Wedding nail 
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Nail Greenery

Sharing Nail Art and Be Fashion with the Can’t be Missed 2017 Colour

2017 Colour

Refreshing Greenery

2017 colour, it’s time to give you some green color to see see!

green is not only a color of spring, but also a color of summer in this year. No matter new pale-green, fancy sea-green, or noble emerald green, all of them are full with freshness and fashion sense.

It’s charming spring scene, it’s just waking up, everything is recovering. Also we need to release our emotions and show our beauty in this wonderful season. This is an age of characteristics, the green color is not only expression of passion and creation, but also with powerful healing function. It’s like the touching eye contacts when green moves, it’s like the delicate gentle mind when green stays.

2017, the Nail Greenery is the color can’t be missed, no matter brief geometry lines or pervade blocks, there are greens inspiring your heart.

Refreshing greenery, meeting unexpected and bringing you pleasure in this season.

2017 Colour Nail Art:

2017 Colour

oulac color HD image

2017 Colour

oulac greenery nail HD image

macaron and green colors art HD image

More Colours in Refreshing Greenery Collection

01 Tea Garden

You are the greenery sprout in tea garden.

02 Jasmine Buds

If you blossomed, the bees would come.

03 Dancing in mints

I wanna to dancing freely with you.

04 Swan Dreamland

Let’s stay and never wake up

05 Lemon Grass

There is sweetness inside the acidulous.

06 Girl in Greenhouse

You are the green color in my life.

07 Flower Square

I will planting all over the season square, planting a colorful dream in your heart.

08 Honey Matcha

I’ve met thousands of people, but you are the only one accompanying.

09 Lake Baikal Banks

How much wished that time comes again! That time we were walking on the banks of Lake Baikal, walking and walking…

10 Forests Tale

The love between you and me, it’s a mysterious forests tale can be told between heats only.

11 Weeds in jungle

Even the fierce storm can’t let you down.

12 Field with hope

You said to me, we would meet again in the greens next summer.

Refreshing Greenery Collection Can’t be Missed 2017 Colors 12 Bottles Set