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Have you tried the Mermaid Toast on nails?

Colours for the mermaid nails when eating the mermaid toast

Mermaid nails coming with the mermaid toast.

Lately there is a toast is being pretty hot in instagram. It is awesome and with a fancy name: Mermaid Toast.

There is sea wave shape mint color cream on the toast and with some yellow golds.

It looks so beautiful and wanna a bite so much. but also, it looks like very difficult to do one mermaid toast.

Instead, we can have it on nails. with OULAC nail colors gel polish, we can expect to have the mermaid nails arts.

Colours for the mermaid:

Mermaid nails

Green with shimmer glitters

Pastel Yellow

Gold with shiny glitters

Sea Wave Light mint

Then, show nails with mermaid ~

more about colors and fashion, view on

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Easter day, Macrons collection

share the Easter nail art design to you

nail art design: share the Easter nail art design with you

The origin of Easter

Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. It is celebrated on Sunday, and marks the end of Holy Week, the end of Lent, the last day of the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday), and is the beginning of the Easter season of the liturgical year.

As we know from the Gospels, Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day following his crucifixion, which would be Sunday. His resurrection marks the triumph of good over evil, sin, and death. It is the singular event which proves that those who trust in God and accept Christ will be raise from the dead.

Since Easter represents the fulfillment of God’s promises to mankind, it is the most important holiday on the Christian calendar.

nail art design for Easter, oulac gel nail polish

celebration of Easter

Sunrise services are common but are distinctly Protestant. Sunrise services are gathering before dawn and reflect the arrival of the women at Jesus’ tomb early in the morning. The services take place outdoors, often in churchyards, cemeteries, or in parks, and timed so the sun will rise during the course of worship.

Traditional family activities vary by region. In the United States, children often hunt for Easter eggs, which are often brightly-dyed hard boiled eggs, though they can be plastic eggs filled with candy or small denominations of money. Candy is a traditional gift for Easter as children often break their Lenten fasts with sweets. Adults tend to share bouquets of flowers, greeting cards and may gather for a family meal. Such celebrations are often secularized and focused on children and family rather than the religious aspect of the holy day.

Easter is about to come and it’s important and well-known religious day.

so in order to celebrate the important festival,  oulac have prepared some nail art design for oulac fans

oulac high shine and spring and summer color

the Easter day nail art design

nail art design

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Color Trends

Fall Nail Colors :A Complete Guide after Watching the 2017’s Runway and Conclude for the Top Trends

Fall Nail Colors, is it too early to know?

NO. NO. There,many of us have got a comprehensive look at the FW17 season, we got everything will be wearing in six months.

At the same time, we pay attention to the little but important thing —- nails.

A true fashion idol or not,  let’s see her nail colors.

it’s so important to have the nail colors matching the fashion.

Fall Nail Colors : Red, Brown, Glitter, Velvet


Fall Nail Colors

Power Red

It’s official: red is the color of Fall 2017. That is a powerful way to wear red, from dress to coats, from top to boots, from bags to nails.

Among all different reds, nail colors with Passion Hot Red and Sexy Blood Red. Those two red can’t be wrong.

Fall Nail ColorsFall Nail Colors

Chocolate Brown

The Chocolate hue everyone wore in slack-form and lip liner during the ‘90s(think Kate Beckinsale) has been on the wayside, but now – brown is definitely the new black.

Deep Black Brown and Middle nonsexual brown are suggested for fashion idols.


Gliteratti boots

Sparkle and shine in this fresh boot trend. Chanel’s space age go-go pair will take you out of this world, and the rahanna-worn sait laurent ones will make you fell like a star. Consider this while the glitters on boots is a must have.  Then glitters on nails should be a must have as well.

It’s would be a pretty shiny nails with both big glitter and fine glitters on nails.

Fall Nail ColorsFall Nail Colors

Formal velvet

Designers are still crushing on velvet, but this season they’re cutting designs from the rich fabric for jewel-tone formal wear. Keep this in mind when dressing for a fall wedding.

Are you worried the nails with gloss top are no longer matching with this velvet dressing? Good news is OULAC has a matte top, which is also called velvet top coat. It adds the nail colors a velvet low-key style. That is fantastic good news!

View more about matte top, please click here.

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Nail Colors for the New Beauty and the Beast the Hot Movie Now

the New Beauty and the Beast Are a Boring Couple and It’s Beautiful.

Beauty and the Beast, wouldn’t possible be invited to dinner, and they wouldn’t probably accept anyway. And that’s what’s best about them.

There’s a scene in the new Beauty and the Beast. First, Belle and the Beast eat dinner in silence while reading books. And then they glance up in unison, smile at each other and then go back to reading. As a result, it’s the most romantic moment ever.

This is a rare movie about two boring people who find each other and fall in love. Make no mistake, the movie isn’t boring at all. That’s just happened and very romantic.

In the film, Belle is taken prisoner by a fearsome Beast in his enchanted castle. And she learns to look beyond his appearance while evading a narcissistic hunter who seeks to take Belle for himself.

The love between beauty and beast, it is hard, but without hesitation.


How about nail colors for beauty and beast? While it is so hot now, which nail colors to wear?

Nail Colors

Nail Colors to Wear for Belle and the Beast:

The daisy collection is color can’t be missed for princess Belle.

Lovely, Strong, Warm, and Sunshine, just like the yellow dress she loved to wear so much, also like the blooming daisy.

Nail Colors

Nail Colors

And how about the beast? It is wild outside and gentle inside. It is the weeds in jungle, even the fierce storm can’t let it down.

Weeds in jungle is a color from OUL’ΛC Refreshing. Greenery collection. As the 2017 most fashionable color, greenery is popular used in clothing,  cosmetics and nails.

Nail Colors

Nail Colors


OUL’ΛC is a brand about colors and fashon, more fashion trendy colors, welcome to visit OUL’ΛC website

And share with you more picture for Beauty and the Beast

Nail Colors

Nail Colors

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Macrons collection

Top 8 Gifts to Buy the Moms in Your Life

Gifts to Buy the Moms, The world is birthed because of the woman, and appears particularly beautiful. They deserve the world, but we narrowed it down to top 8 chic items.

Moms give you everything (and then some!), so return the favor with a small token of your appreciation—a kiss, a hug, or a smile. When in doubt, just prepare an OUL’ΛC colour because… who doesn’t love that stuff?

Gifts to Buy the Moms

nail art design for OULAC gel nail polish HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Gift for mom HD image


Here, top 8 Gifts the moms in your life deserve.

Gifts to Buy the Moms —- TOP 8

Promised , Vanilla Pudding, Happy Daisy, Half-sweetness, Full of Romantic, Lavender Love, Hawaii Sea, Mint Summer, The 8 Gifts to Buy the Moms in Your Life, the 8 colors are from OUL’ΛC “Sweet Time . Macaron Collection”.

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Sweet Time . Macaron Collection HD image

Macaron, it is originated from 14th Century’s Italy, Being popular from France. It is the noble among desserts. With beautiful decoration, sexy coating, also with fascinating mouth-feel — outside crisp but inside soft, it swept the world. What’s more, it derives a fashion style called Macaron Colors. The popular fashion element — Macaron Colors , it fits the fashion women’s consume demands so well. Happly mother’s day!

your hands stained by Macarons, even fingernail tips are dyeing to good-looking shades.

I love Macarons, love Cappuccino, love Lavander, OUL’ΛC, and Mom.

Let’s share more pictures for the top 8 gifts colors.


Gifts to Buy the Moms

Mother’s day nail arts HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Nail gel HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Promised HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Vanilla Pudding HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Happy Daisy HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Half-sweetness HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Full of Romantic HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Lavender Love HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Hawaii Sea HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Mint Summer HD image