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Carving gel

how to apply the 4D carving gel

How to apply the 4D carving gel

with the development of oulac brand, we have produced all kinds of gel nail polish, especially function gel is so popular. such as 4D carving gel. it is high charming and has amazing effect after you draw. as a result, I think you are curious the quality of oulac products.

The Quality Of  4D Carving Gel

it is quality with  GMP, MSDS, SGS CPNP Certification and so on

here below is the features of Nail UV Gel OUL’ΛC:1.To begin with, there are classics colors, Bright and plump colors; unadulterated color and luster

1.To begin with, there are classics colors, Bright and plump colors; unadulterated color and luster

2.first of all, it is Easy to apply, soak off, Nice smooth; best soft brush, apply evenly and smoothly.

3.secondly, it is  Highly adhesive and Lasting at least 4 weeks time on nail

4.thirdly, with Ideal hardness; No nicks and no chips

5.besides, no harm, no poison no odor gravid and children are available to use

6.forthermore, it is  shiny surface and Always be shining

7.of course, it also easy to cure by UV lamp or led lamp

8. what’s more, it is green and environmental protection and edible water-soluble resin

9. in addition, it is free formula without Formaldehyde and Toluene or Phthalate (DBP)

10.Finally, there are natural pigments and healthy without harm

4D carving gel

the magical gel nail polish, it can carve any pattern what you like

What is the application of OUL’ΛC 4D Carving Gel Polish

Firstly, Use the cleanser to wipe the nail and file the nail smooth and keep it clean and dry.

Secondly, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC base coat, then cured in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

Thirdly, take out of a piece of 4D carving gel by nail art pen. then stick on the nail.

Next, make the shape in need with nail art pen.

In addition, curing the 4D carving gel after confirmed the shape.

finally, finish with the top coat and cured in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

if you want to read more the tutorial, please click here.


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peel off gel

oulac gel polish, which is easy to apply and peel it off

The fashion trend-peel off gel nail polish

As a fashion insider, I think you have tried more nail art style. But have you ever apply the peel off gel nail polish before? If you not,  you can try it now. The gel nail polish which is made from resin. It is high quality and no harm for your body. In addition, it is so easy to remove, you don’t worry about how to peel off it at home.

As a result, according to my simple introduce, I think you can’t wait to know the characteristic of peel off the gel. The feature as follow.

peel off gel nail polish

good quality high charming peel off gel polish

Peel off gel polish, which is removed in seconds. It is easy to remove by simply peel it off the nail when it’s time. Removes in one piece by a tear from the corner of the free edge. Requires no soaking in gel polish remover.

Up to 10 days wear: wear time is up to 10 days, depending on natural nail conditions and personal lifestyle.

Peel off gel nail polish vs ordinary gel polish

It is easy to remove by simply peel it off the nail when it’s time. And needn’t use any remover to remove it. Just put your hands in the warm water(50-60℃) for 20-30 seconds. It is so easy, right?

However, the ordinary gel nail polish has to use the remover to remove it.

How to apply the peel off gel nail polish.

At the first time, disinfect your hands with alcohol

Then, buffer the nail

Next, clean the surface of nail

Thirdly, apply a layer of OULAC Base Coat. (curing by led lamp 30 seconds)

Fourthly, apply a layer of peel-off color gel. And apply the second layer of peel-off color gel. (curing by led lamp 30 seconds)

Finally, finish with a layer of OULAC Top Coat (curing by led lamp 30 seconds)

How to remove it

Firstly, put your nails in the warm water(50-60℃) for 20-30 seconds.

Secondly, use tissue to dry the water of nail

Thirdly, use the cuticle pusher to front and edge of your nails

Fourthly, tear the color from a corner peeling it slowly

Finally, clean your nails

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how is oulac nail gel?

oulac is a nail gel polish brand, which is registed in US, Euro, Asia, and so on.

It provide so many popular colors and trendy fashion colors from time to time.

once used an oulac gel polish, we wants more colors from it as soon as possible.

the application experience is so good. what’s more, the finish look and lasting time are incredible good.

The Features of OUL’ΛC Nail Gel Polish :

1, Skin-friendly

Use the advanced skin-friendly technology, improve the organic materials of nail gels, help nails be health and safe.

2, protecting nails for long time

Long lasting for more than 2 weeks time, durable protection, perfect shiny and perfect coating

3, fashion Colours

Bring the most fashionable colours with most competitive price to every woman’s life. Trendy and in time.

4, easy removing

Easy removing with health, achieve demands for different colours from time to time.



Completely scientific assessments about materials and data by international experts team, selected materials that function and safety both qualified , adopting advanced extraction technology from Japen, France and some other European countries, achieved every OUL’ΛC products details is perfect quality.


Manufacturing with strict global experts level production standards, with continuous science practices, testings and inspections, to make sure every product of OUL’ΛC are same stability, safety and effective.


OUL’ΛC extracts from plants, based on recently researching achievements, completed with safety assessments, also analyzed with chemistry, toxicity, hazardous, etc., strictly on quality standards, to make sure products are safe.


We promise, we will provide good after-sale services in order to protect customers benefits. We will do professional training system for every employees , and responsible for every customers who purchased OUL’ΛC, to achieve a pleasure purchase for all buyers.


We will be happy to know feedback from customers, improving continuous, working for better services, building OUL’ΛC the global number one nail brand.