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Macrons collection, mother's day, Nail Art Tutorial

Macarons gel nail polish: what gift are you give to your mother

  Macarons gel nail polish: what gift are you give to your mother

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tell a mom in your life just how much she means to you. But that can be a lot of pressure, too! You want to make this day special, but with all the Mother’s Day gift ideas out there, how do you find the gift that’s perfect for your mom?

We’ve put together a guide to Mother’s Day gift ideas specially tailored for different types of moms. Just identify the “type” of mom you’re shopping for and check out our gift ideas to make her smile.
For the woman who looks like she stepped off the pages of a magazine and never wears the wrong thing, you want a gift that reflects her impeccable taste and non-stop style.

Macarons gel nail polish is tailor for you mother. Macaron Collection Source of Inspiration: While the mother’s day coming, Is there anything worth the expecting? Plushes? Roses? Chocolates? Oh, those are just too dull. To be more creative and with Sweetheart, Is there anything else better than Desserts? anything else more suitable in this heart-beating days?

macarons gel nail polish

macarons gel nail polish, the gift which is fit for your mother

Macaron, it is originated from 14th Century’s Italy, Being popular from France. It is the noble among desserts. With beautiful decoration, sexy coating, also with fascinating mouth-feel — outside crisp but inside soft, it swept the world. What’s more, it derives a fashion style called Macaron Colors. The popular fashion element — Macaron Colors, it fits the fashion mother’s consumer demands so well. your hands stained by Macarons, even fingernail tips are dying to good-looking shades.I love Macarons, love Cappuccino, love Lavander, Blue Sky, and you.

OULAC gel nail polish just tailor for your mother

What is the application of OUL’ΛC UV Gel polish? 

Step1, Use the cleanser to wipe the nail.

Step2, File the nail smooth and keep it clean and dry.

Step3, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC base coat, curing in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

Step4, Brush a thin layer OUL’ΛC color, 30scuring the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

Step5, Brush one more layer color, curing in the 30s by LED lamp or 60s by UV lamp.

Step6, Brush a layer top coat, curing in the 60s by LED lamp or 120s by UV lamp.

How to Remove Nail Gel? 

1: Gently file the surface of the gel polish to break the seal and remove the shine
2: Place cotton wool saturated with remover over the nail.
3: Wrap up for 10 minutes time,  then remove gel with a wood stick.
4: Use a buffer to lightly buff surface of the nail.
5: Apply hand and nail nourish cuticle oil.

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black pearl

What is OULAC black pearl. chosen collection?And how is it?

Black Pearl is a precious jewelry. It represents the treasure through the tough life. Therefore, it is also called the most impressive tear of shell. it’s rare and noble.

The quality ones has features as following:

1, very smooth

Only when the best raw material being processed by the most good shell, there comes the most smooth pearl.

2, high gloss

Pearl’s value is measured by its gloss, colour, flawless, size and shape. And the gloss is especially most important. So a smaller pearl with super gloss is normally with higher value than bigger pearl but dull.

3,marvelous colour

The colour of black pearl is natural and unique. There are incredible colorful tones in the black, non of other pearls can compare with the shades.

 In ancient times, the black pearl is between dragon’s teeth and shining its marvelous color there. Only the most brave and wise person can beat the dragon and deserve it.

Now OUL’ΛC brings its Black Pearl. Chosen Collection. It meets all of our demands for quality treasure and precious colors:

1, very smooth

Selected the best and natural raw materials, being processed by the most professional manufacturer with latest highest technology, then there comes the OUL’ΛC nail gels with most smooth application experience .

2, high gloss

It’s super high gloss finish. And more than that, the high gloss finish lasts on nails for more than 2 weeks time, with flawless, never be dull.

3, marvelous color

After got feedback from color expects and fashion idols, there we got hundreds of fashion colors in black pearl collection.

what’s more, 48 colors are chosen out by customers who tried every colors. So all the 48 colors are chosen marvelous colors.

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The Feature of Nail Polish Gel and Difference from Normal Nail Polish

Nail Polish Gel

The packaging of nail polish gel is similar as traditional nail polish, both are with brush for direct application. But because of the gel is cured by light, so the polish gel bottles are requested to be coated to prevent from light.

The polish gel is non-toxic, no odor, environmental. And it is with gloss of gel and color of polish. Therefore, it is the fashion nail trendy lately.

Compared with normal polish gel, OUL’ΛC brand polish gel is sourced from natural resin, it is environmental and non-toxic, skin-friendly and safe for use. Combined with advantages of gel and polish, good coverage of colors, proper viscosity of easy application, instant curing by UV /led light, long time lasting and super gloss, it is the most fashion nail star. And the quality polish gel can be easily removed by normal polish removal.

Because of the polish gel feature, it is more durable, easier to apply, more creative than normal polish. What’s more, the gel cured in only about 1 minute, we can use our nails instantly. We never need to hold nails there and waiting for it dry slowly, and that’s horrible thing nails has to be done again if it is touched by accident. Now we don’t need to worry about it with OUL’ΛC polish gel.

Feature of OULAC polish gel.

Appearance: Viscous liquid

Odor: No

Viscosity: Proper

Curing Time: in 1 minute

Durable: without chips or nicks in two week time; without layers or color changes

Testing Standard: totally cured after curing by LED in 1 minut or UV in 2 minuts, no yellow, no wrinkles, no color difference, no odor, with shiny finish.


Firstly, prep nails on cuticle and dust.

Secondly, apply a thin layer of base coat, curing 30 seconds by led light.

Thirdly, apply a coat of color, curing 60 seconds by led light, and repeat this step one more time in order to have a good coverage of color.

Fourthly, apply a coat of top coat, curing 60 seconds by led light. Wipe nails with cleanser.



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Hybrid Gel: Long Lasting Easy Application Nail Revolution

Hybrid gel, What are they?

Hybrid gel, I bet you are wondering that. There are lots of explain on hybrid nails but never fully clearly on it.

OUL’ΛC gel is also a hybrid gel.

The feature of hybrid gels: Made by hybrid materials with multi-function.

In fact, it is not a particular name to a particular product.

This is not a big secret. But the main difference between different hybrid gels is what the materials used.

Hybrid gel, how to define if it is a good one?

Most gel systems on the market are acrylic based and cannot be removed without damaging the natural nail.

Selected from the good effect and organic safety materials, it will make sure a skin-friendly product.

The materials used in OULAC gel: Urethane acrylate oligomer, hydroxyethyl methacrylate, hydroxyclohexyl phenyl ketone, phenybis, etc.

That’s the main difference being that OULAC gel will not cause any damage to the natural nails.

Another difference of OULAC system compared to others on the market is that there is no need for primers or dehydrators in order for the gel to adhere to the natural nail.

The OULAC hybrid gel polish formulas are somewhere between nail polish and Sculpture Gel. They last a lot longer than regular nail polish, but are not nearly as long-lasting as Sculpture Gel.

At OULAC we are very proud of our unique and gentle formulation that see clients maintaining healthy nails whilst still being able to wear a nail enhancement or non chip manicure.

 hybrid gel

We can also provide gel builder, for those looking to lengthen the nails, problem nails and repair broken nails, offer unique nail art and add strength to nails, which hybrid nail polishes are not able to offer as yet.

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Blossom gel

How to apply the blossom gel

nail gel: how to apply blossom gel

With the development of the nail gel polish, and all variety of nail art design are emerge in an endless stream, and Women on the requirements of the nail is also getting higher and higher. As a result, you will see all women have applied the nail and all style of the manicure they have. Thus it can be seen, the nail art design is more and more popular.However, the complex styles are generally accepted by the public.

So with the weather start to warm up and the flowers start to bloom. Oulac has decided to create a complex style with the petals of new series, blossom gel. It is charming, fancy and easy to apply. I guess that you are intrigued by our new products.

nail gel

the nail art design of blossom gel

There is some advantage for the blossom gel. Firstly, it is nicely smooth, shiny surface; Ideal hardness, bright colors and Highly adhesive.
Secondly, it is easy to apply and soak off.The colors are no odor, no nicks, and no chips forever.
In the addiction, for the OEM\ODM very popular in Europe market

Thirdly, All of our product without Formaldehyde, Toluene or Phthalate (DBP).

Of course, there is an important point for the blossom gel. It is easy to blossom shade, like flowers or other. Therefore, I could hardly wait to study.

gel nail polish

charming and classic gel nail polish

OK, let’s learning together

Firstly: apply a layer of Oulac Base Coat.(curing by led lamp 30 seconds, UV lamp 60 seconds)

Secondly: apply a layer of white as base coat(curing by led lamp 30 seconds, UV lamp 60 seconds)

Thirdly: apply the second coat of white blossom base(not cure the lamp in this step)

Next: use the blossom gel NO.15 to draw the pattern(curing by led lamp 30 seconds,uv lamp 60 seconds)

Finally: finish a layer of Oulac top coat(curing by led lamp for 30 seconds, UV lamp 60 seconds)

gel polish

2017 oulac high-quality best-selling gel


uv gel

mountains-and-waters painting of blossom gel

Our tutorial is over.

If you are interested in it. Don’t be stingy to share with your friends. If you can’t to try it on your nails, please click here to shop oulac.us or contact us. We will online all the time.


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Easter day, Macrons collection

share the Easter nail art design to you

nail art design: share the Easter nail art design with you

The origin of Easter

Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. It is celebrated on Sunday, and marks the end of Holy Week, the end of Lent, the last day of the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday), and is the beginning of the Easter season of the liturgical year.

As we know from the Gospels, Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day following his crucifixion, which would be Sunday. His resurrection marks the triumph of good over evil, sin, and death. It is the singular event which proves that those who trust in God and accept Christ will be raise from the dead.

Since Easter represents the fulfillment of God’s promises to mankind, it is the most important holiday on the Christian calendar.

nail art design for Easter, oulac gel nail polish

celebration of Easter

Sunrise services are common but are distinctly Protestant. Sunrise services are gathering before dawn and reflect the arrival of the women at Jesus’ tomb early in the morning. The services take place outdoors, often in churchyards, cemeteries, or in parks, and timed so the sun will rise during the course of worship.

Traditional family activities vary by region. In the United States, children often hunt for Easter eggs, which are often brightly-dyed hard boiled eggs, though they can be plastic eggs filled with candy or small denominations of money. Candy is a traditional gift for Easter as children often break their Lenten fasts with sweets. Adults tend to share bouquets of flowers, greeting cards and may gather for a family meal. Such celebrations are often secularized and focused on children and family rather than the religious aspect of the holy day.

Easter is about to come and it’s important and well-known religious day.

so in order to celebrate the important festival,  oulac have prepared some nail art design for oulac fans

oulac high shine and spring and summer color

the Easter day nail art design

nail art design

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how is oulac nail gel?

oulac is a nail gel polish brand, which is registed in US, Euro, Asia, and so on.

It provide so many popular colors and trendy fashion colors from time to time.

once used an oulac gel polish, we wants more colors from it as soon as possible.

the application experience is so good. what’s more, the finish look and lasting time are incredible good.

The Features of OUL’ΛC Nail Gel Polish :

1, Skin-friendly

Use the advanced skin-friendly technology, improve the organic materials of nail gels, help nails be health and safe.

2, protecting nails for long time

Long lasting for more than 2 weeks time, durable protection, perfect shiny and perfect coating

3, fashion Colours

Bring the most fashionable colours with most competitive price to every woman’s life. Trendy and in time.

4, easy removing

Easy removing with health, achieve demands for different colours from time to time.



Completely scientific assessments about materials and data by international experts team, selected materials that function and safety both qualified , adopting advanced extraction technology from Japen, France and some other European countries, achieved every OUL’ΛC products details is perfect quality.


Manufacturing with strict global experts level production standards, with continuous science practices, testings and inspections, to make sure every product of OUL’ΛC are same stability, safety and effective.


OUL’ΛC extracts from plants, based on recently researching achievements, completed with safety assessments, also analyzed with chemistry, toxicity, hazardous, etc., strictly on quality standards, to make sure products are safe.


We promise, we will provide good after-sale services in order to protect customers benefits. We will do professional training system for every employees , and responsible for every customers who purchased OUL’ΛC, to achieve a pleasure purchase for all buyers.


We will be happy to know feedback from customers, improving continuous, working for better services, building OUL’ΛC the global number one nail brand.

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Nail Colors for the New Beauty and the Beast the Hot Movie Now

the New Beauty and the Beast Are a Boring Couple and It’s Beautiful.

Beauty and the Beast, wouldn’t possible be invited to dinner, and they wouldn’t probably accept anyway. And that’s what’s best about them.

There’s a scene in the new Beauty and the Beast. First, Belle and the Beast eat dinner in silence while reading books. And then they glance up in unison, smile at each other and then go back to reading. As a result, it’s the most romantic moment ever.

This is a rare movie about two boring people who find each other and fall in love. Make no mistake, the movie isn’t boring at all. That’s just happened and very romantic.

In the film, Belle is taken prisoner by a fearsome Beast in his enchanted castle. And she learns to look beyond his appearance while evading a narcissistic hunter who seeks to take Belle for himself.

The love between beauty and beast, it is hard, but without hesitation.


How about nail colors for beauty and beast? While it is so hot now, which nail colors to wear?

Nail Colors

Nail Colors to Wear for Belle and the Beast:

The daisy collection is color can’t be missed for princess Belle.

Lovely, Strong, Warm, and Sunshine, just like the yellow dress she loved to wear so much, also like the blooming daisy.

Nail Colors

Nail Colors

And how about the beast? It is wild outside and gentle inside. It is the weeds in jungle, even the fierce storm can’t let it down.

Weeds in jungle is a color from OUL’ΛC Refreshing. Greenery collection. As the 2017 most fashionable color, greenery is popular used in clothing,  cosmetics and nails.

Nail Colors

Nail Colors


OUL’ΛC is a brand about colors and fashon, more fashion trendy colors, welcome to visit OUL’ΛC website

And share with you more picture for Beauty and the Beast

Nail Colors

Nail Colors

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Macrons collection

Top 8 Gifts to Buy the Moms in Your Life

Gifts to Buy the Moms, The world is birthed because of the woman, and appears particularly beautiful. They deserve the world, but we narrowed it down to top 8 chic items.

Moms give you everything (and then some!), so return the favor with a small token of your appreciation—a kiss, a hug, or a smile. When in doubt, just prepare an OUL’ΛC colour because… who doesn’t love that stuff?

Gifts to Buy the Moms

nail art design for OULAC gel nail polish HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Gift for mom HD image


Here, top 8 Gifts the moms in your life deserve.

Gifts to Buy the Moms —- TOP 8

Promised , Vanilla Pudding, Happy Daisy, Half-sweetness, Full of Romantic, Lavender Love, Hawaii Sea, Mint Summer, The 8 Gifts to Buy the Moms in Your Life, the 8 colors are from OUL’ΛC “Sweet Time . Macaron Collection”.

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Sweet Time . Macaron Collection HD image

Macaron, it is originated from 14th Century’s Italy, Being popular from France. It is the noble among desserts. With beautiful decoration, sexy coating, also with fascinating mouth-feel — outside crisp but inside soft, it swept the world. What’s more, it derives a fashion style called Macaron Colors. The popular fashion element — Macaron Colors , it fits the fashion women’s consume demands so well. Happly mother’s day!

your hands stained by Macarons, even fingernail tips are dyeing to good-looking shades.

I love Macarons, love Cappuccino, love Lavander, OUL’ΛC, and Mom.

Let’s share more pictures for the top 8 gifts colors.


Gifts to Buy the Moms

Mother’s day nail arts HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Nail gel HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Promised HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Vanilla Pudding HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Happy Daisy HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Half-sweetness HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Full of Romantic HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Lavender Love HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Hawaii Sea HD image

Gifts to Buy the Moms

Mint Summer HD image