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The Feature of Nail Polish Gel and Difference from Normal Nail Polish

Nail Polish Gel

The packaging of nail polish gel is similar as traditional nail polish, both are with brush for direct application. But because of the gel is cured by light, so the polish gel bottles are requested to be coated to prevent from light.

The polish gel is non-toxic, no odor, environmental. And it is with gloss of gel and color of polish. Therefore, it is the fashion nail trendy lately.

Compared with normal polish gel, OUL’ΛC brand polish gel is sourced from natural resin, it is environmental and non-toxic, skin-friendly and safe for use. Combined with advantages of gel and polish, good coverage of colors, proper viscosity of easy application, instant curing by UV /led light, long time lasting and super gloss, it is the most fashion nail star. And the quality polish gel can be easily removed by normal polish removal.

Because of the polish gel feature, it is more durable, easier to apply, more creative than normal polish. What’s more, the gel cured in only about 1 minute, we can use our nails instantly. We never need to hold nails there and waiting for it dry slowly, and that’s horrible thing nails has to be done again if it is touched by accident. Now we don’t need to worry about it with OUL’ΛC polish gel.

Feature of OULAC polish gel.

Appearance: Viscous liquid

Odor: No

Viscosity: Proper

Curing Time: in 1 minute

Durable: without chips or nicks in two week time; without layers or color changes

Testing Standard: totally cured after curing by LED in 1 minut or UV in 2 minuts, no yellow, no wrinkles, no color difference, no odor, with shiny finish.


Firstly, prep nails on cuticle and dust.

Secondly, apply a thin layer of base coat, curing 30 seconds by led light.

Thirdly, apply a coat of color, curing 60 seconds by led light, and repeat this step one more time in order to have a good coverage of color.

Fourthly, apply a coat of top coat, curing 60 seconds by led light. Wipe nails with cleanser.