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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish? step by step instruction

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish?

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish?  It is very easy and the OUL’ΛC brand products are skin friendly, so it is more than easy.

Let’s see how easy it is with the step by step instruction:

First step, File the surface of the gel polish, to break the durable top coat, this step will help the removal be more easily.

Second step, Open the removal wrap bag, put nail into it, make sure the nail surface covered by the cotton side. The cotton inside the bag is with liquids of removal function. Then take off the clear layer on the bag and uncover the sticky glue, wraps nails and glue it.

Third step, about 5-10 minutes later, take out the removal wraps bag, use a wood stick to push off the softened gel polishes. Repeat this step one nail by one nail after all nails finished.

Fourth step, buff the nail surface if there are still slight gel polishes on nails. Then Clean nails with cleanser, that’s done.

Remove Gel Nail Polish —- some useful tips

Firstly, to have better protection of nails after removal, we suggest to use the nail shiner to smooth nails at the end step.

Secondsly, apply cuticle oil around nail cuticles can nourish it from dead skin and hangnail.

Thirdly, We suggest to Keep nails rest for couple of days after removing gel polish, take care of our nails and have beautiful colours soon. Some gel polish are using cheap materials which are unsafe and bad for our health.  We suggest to use OUL’ΛC brand Gel Nail Polish which is high quality and with skin friendly materials,

Let’s share some nails by OUL’ΛC gel nail polish.

Remove Gel Nail Polish

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Remove Gel Nail Polish

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Remove Gel Nail Polish

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