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gel polish: the nail art design just tailored for you

          which is less harmful to the nail between gel polish and nail polish.

In resent year, with the nail industry of the society. Gel polish and nail polish have become more and more popular. And as these question, some people can not distinguish its difference of essential. There are some way of saying a thing. Some people like the nail polish, because it is uncomplicated and convenient. And some people like gel polish, just because it can can maintain 3-4 weeks and keep high glossy long lasting.

There is a long time argument about the difference between normal nail polish and gel nail polish. This article will explain the difference between the two and outline some of the pros and cons for each.

gel polish

sweet color high-shine long lasting gel nail polish

We all know regular nail polish, which is also know as normal nail polish, or nail varnish. Normal nail polish is a lacquer where the ingredients been refined over the years to protect nails against drying out and cracking. There is some deficiency although it is uncomplicated and convenient. Maybe you will say it can save some time. So let’s talk about the statement.

Gel polish vs nail polish

The chemicals formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate are used in most nail polishes. It has the pungent odor. And remove in 2-3 days. If you apply it and remove frequently. It is not good for your nail to grow.

gel polish

high gloss no odor nice smooth gel nail polish in uv

Gel polish, which is produced from resin, nail ?no odor, natural, healthy. And it also can keep 3-4weeks. It can protect your nail lasting.

So how to protect nails?

There are some tip for you and make the nail become more healthy.

Firstly, put your hand in the warm water and put a few piece of lemon when you trim your nail. And soak off the 3-5 minute. That will soften your nail skin. After dying your nail, then applying the cuticle oil that will protect your nail effectively.

Secondly, Eat more vitamin E foods if your nail breaks easily. These foods can enhance the hardness of nails and help your nail more healthy.

Thirdly, Try to minimize the use of your nails as a tool, for example, open the pot, and so easy to nail injury or even broken movement.

There are no doubt that OULAC gel nail polish is a good choice for you if you want to protect your nails.

gel polish

environmental and healthy cuticle oil

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It’s time to think about toes colors match, While wishing to have Pairs of Shoes for Warmer Weather

Toes Colors match with shoes wish for warmer weather.

It’s time to think about toes colors match, While wishing to have Pairs of Shoes for Warmer Weather.

Toes Colors

Hot pop pink, greenery, always red, black, silver, nude, baby pink, glitters, tan, yellow, turquoise, camellia.

12 toes colors, match well with the top six shoe trends of the season: PRINCESS SATIN,NEXT-LEVEL BLOCK HEELS,KITSCHY DETAILS, FANCY FLATS,LOW-KEY STATEMENTS, and LOGO POOL SLIDES

Toes Colors

So long snow boots, hello sandals! Spring has officially arrived and we’re ready to stash the closed-toe options we’ve been wearing for the last few months in favor of something a little lighter.

It’s time to think about colors arts on toes, While wishing to have Pairs of Shoes.

Color toes and going outside, breath the fresh air.


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