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make up your nail tip,be a confident girl.

Makeup your nail tip. French series is the best choice.

Would you like to buy an ice-cream in a hot summer? It is so cool when you are in a hot condition. Just as the summer breeze blowing over your face.

Thus, today we have prepared a nail art design style about the Vanilla ice-cream. We also can makeup our nail tip.

So let’s talk about the method of gel polish nail art design.

At the beginning, use the nude color as a base coat. Curing led lamp for 1 min. Then apply the second color gel. Curing by led lamp for 1min.

gel polish

simple and fresh nude color

At the meantime, we use the GLK series to draw the little flowers with the GLK 567. then use the brown color to draw a part of flowers. And how to draw beautiful flowers? It is so easy. Firstly, we should paint a circle to confirm the line of flowers. Then use the paint pen to draw a picture of V

beautiful concise and cute french nail art design

Then use the GLK 547 to draw a pattern of flowers. The pink color is so cute, right? And now the thing you need to do, that repeats the step again.

Next, after painting the flowers, then use the painting gel to draw flowers core and diameter

high-quality charming style gel nail polish

Finally, finish with oulac top coat. The Vanilla ice-cream nail art design is appearing perfectly.

the perfect effect after apply the gel polish, french nail art design

So have you worried about which nail art design is suitable for you. And what is the best choice in this summer?

There is no doubt that oulac gel polish is tailor for you. Only you. Don’t hesitate, applying it on your nail, makeup your nail and become a beautiful girl.  Come on, baby.

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cat eye

gel polish: how to apply the cat eye gel polish

 How to apply the cat eye gel polish


gel polish

the attractive gel of cat eye

Cat’s eye is a famous stone, which is known for its interesting coloring and a small glare on the surface that resemble people cat’s eyes. “Cat’s eye” manicure, which flirts with the hallmarks of the famous stone, making the inimitable manicure and bright.

Popular manicure “Cat’s eye” is growing every day, and all because of the incredible effect created on the nail. With the help of specially designed magnetic technology, the girl can at home to apply the gel polish so that it remained light textures and unusual stripes that make this an extraordinary manicure.

Any new technology in manicure requires special knowledge, which is why before you create a manicure “cat’s eye”, a girl must carefully consider this issue.

before you start, you must determine the color of the nails. Professionals have encouraged to give preference to dark varnishes, for example, all shades of black, dark purple and green. It is believed that such dark lucky cat’s eye effect would look most interesting.

cat eye gel polish

the noble and charming of golden cat eye gel

gel polish

manicure product of cat eye product

uv gel

with a characteristic products chameleon cat eye gel polish

So how to apply the cat eye coat gel polish? It is so easy. Let’s learning together.

firstly, disinfect your hands with alcohol

secondly, buffer the nail

thirdly, clean the surface of nail

fourthly, apply a layer of base coat, curing by led lamp 1min

next, apply a color gel of cat eye, but don’t cure the lamp in this step.

use a professional cat eye magnet to have the magnetic effect

take notice of the magnetic plate near the nail will not hold 4-5 seconds and 10-12 to create an attractive effect.

finally: finish with a layer of OULAC Top Coat (curing by led lamp 1min)

Consequently, have you learned above all of the tips and creative your beautiful nail?

oulac gel nail polish
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How to Apply Gel Nail Polish OUL’ΛC?

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish OUL’ΛC?

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish OUL’ΛC? OUL’ΛC gel nail polish is similar application as all the other brand gel nail polishes. It is very easy and the OUL’ΛC brand products are self-leveling, so it is more than easy.

Let’s see how easy it is by the step by step instruction:

First step, File nail edges to ideal shapes, buffer nail surface to remove oils, also buffer nail edges to smooth it. Then wipe nails with nail cleanser to clean nails and keep it cleanand dry.

Second step, Apply a thin layer of OUL’ΛC base coat. Take care and do not apply on cuticle or skins. And remember to seal the free edges. Then curing nails in 30s by LED lamp or 120s by UV lamp.

Third step, apply a thin layer of OUL’ΛC color, Take care and do not apply on cuticle or skins. And remember to seal the free edges. Then curing in  30s by LED lamp or 120s by UV lamp. After that, apply one more layer of color, and curing again in 60s by LED lamp or 120s by UV lamp.

Fourth step, apply a layer of OUL’ΛC top coat, do not apply on cuticle or skins. And also remember to seal the free edges, curing in 60s by LED lamp or 120s by UV lamp. Then wipe nails with nail cleaner to remove the sticky layer and have the shiny surface.

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish OUL’ΛC video

There is also video of the application steps for better understanding, please click here to view more.

The OUL’ΛC Gel Nail Polish is high quality and easy application, durable base coat for long time lasting, super shiny top coat for perfect look, variable colours for unlimited choice.

Let’s share some nails by OUL’ΛC.

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish

high quality best price uv gel nail polish HD image

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish